Full Moon in Pisces 9 10 22

Cari Campbell Moon Report







September 10, 2022 5:59am ET

17 Pisces

Welcome to the Full Moon in Pisces, also known as the Harvest Moon.  Compared to some of the previous Full Moon events, this one is relatively light and hopefully will give us all a much-needed breather from the intensity.

The Moon is conjunct Juno, Astraea, and Neptune (Neptune by 7 degrees).  As this is a Pisces Moon, the Moon is also ruled (or disposed) by Neptune, so we have a lot of dreamy, intuitive energy during this lunar event.  A conjunction, or new cycle, to Juno connects that intuitive energy to our committed partnerships (which can be romantic partnerships or otherwise).  Astraea represents our sense of justice and balance, and also connects us to Divine Feminine energy.  Astraea’s energy is very Libran, if that helps you to get a sense of it.

The Moon is manifesting (trining) with the Earth Star Chakra, aka the Karmic (South) Node in Scorpio, so old beliefs, thought patterns, and habits may flow freely into your dreamy reverie.  The way forward, indicated by the Dharmic (North) Node (Soul Star Chakra), is nearby in a resource (sextile) to the Moon, another positive aspect.  This means that you will need to make a conscious choice to utilize this energy that is available. Consciously choose new thoughts and belief and habits.  Consciously choose to clear the fog (Neptune) around your old ways.

The Dharmic Node is 4 degrees from Uranus, close enough that we can glean some insights from this communion but again, we need to choose to stay awake.  The conjunction between the North Node and Uranus is very useful if we pay attention, and these two will dance between 3-4 degrees of each of other until mid-January, so take advantage of the insights while you can!

The Moon is also in intimacy, or semisextile, with Chiron and Eris (15 and 24 Aries) and Saturn (20 Aquarius).   These energies are close enough that we can feel them and they can impact our experience of this Full Moon if we allow it.  Eris is the inner disruptor, and Chiron is where we become whole.  Saturn is the inner guru- the place where we take charge of our experiences.  It’s easy to see how useful this energy can be!  Going back to how we can best use this lunar energy, which is to dream and feel new ways of being, we can use Saturn to reclaim our authority over our inner self.  Let Eris disrupt you a bit and shake you free those old energies, while allowing Chiron to help mend any pain from the past.


Mercury is currently stationing retrograde at 9 Libra, conjunct MakeMake.  Mercury is also in a Light Bridge with Salacia, and a bridge (opposition) with Jupiter, both in Aries.   Libra is the sign of the Mirrored Self, which means that we see ourselves reflected in others.  It’s important to recognize this, so that you can use this reflection wisely.  It’s easy to deflect and blame, but when we honor that we are seeing ourselves in others, then we can adjust our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors accordingly.  This is a great time to turn inward and meditate on what we are seeing reflected back to us.  The bridge with Jupiter can make some of this seem big- so remember to breathe, meditate, and slow down.   If we see reflections of our past selves show up during this retrograde, send love to what you see.  You don’t have to engage or fight.  Be willing to release that which no longer serves you with love.

Retrograde Motion

Besides Mercury stationing retrograde, we also have Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all retrograde.  We also have the Nodes and many other 5D planets and asteroids retrograde as well. This is a time to turn inwards.  Let your inner guidance inform you deeply.  Reflect on where you are and where you want to go. What needs to be adjusted?  What needs to be released?  What do you want to create?


Overall, the feeling of this Full Moon is a bit lighter, and with more of an internal focus.  Don’t be surprised if confusion reigns at first- the Mercury station can do that to a person and with Neptune conjunct the Moon, I am almost expecting it! Remember that Neptune can be the fog, be it can also be enlightenment.  Stay patient with the process and feel your way through the fog- that’s the way forward.

Happy September!