Full Moon Report-September Full Moon in Aries

Cari CampbellFull Moon Report, Moon Report

By Cari Campbell

Friday, 9/29/23 at 5:57am ET
6 Aries 00

The Full Moon occurs at 5:57 am EDT on September 29 th , at 6 degrees Aries. That means this lunation is disposed by Mars. Mars, interestingly enough, sits in Libra (the same sign as the Sun right now), in a new cycle (conjunct) with the Earth Star (South Node), and bridging (opposing) the Soul Star (North Node), Eris, and Chiron in Aries.

Mercury, Venus/Juno, Mars/S. Node, Uranus, Pluto, Soul Star (N. Node)/Eris, are all between 20-27 degrees of their respective signs. There is simply so much going on here and it’s all connected. This lunation is ripe with opportunity for healing. Before we get into this, let’s discuss the Moon.

The Moon and the Sun are at 6 degrees Aries and Libra. The Sun is approaching a new cycle (conjunct) with Pallas Athena and MakeMake, and the Moon is approaching a new cycle with Salacia. The only major planet that is aspecting the Full Moon is Saturn retrograde at 2 degrees Pisces in intimacy (semisextile) with the Moon and forming a great eliminator (inconjunct) with the Sun. MakeMake is the higher octave of Saturn, providing an opportunity to transcend your Saturn limitations and govern your Self from the Heart. This is the time to allow your emotions to guide you to what you truly want for your Self…not what you *think* you want. What stories have you told your Self about how your life should look? This could be about your job, finances, how your day-to-day lives should be run…now what does your higher Self (MakeMake) say? What feels good and right?


Because the Full Moon isn’t directly making contacting with the other major planets and involves new cycles with 5D planets, it is a time to go inward and access your higher wisdom. Meditate, dance, walk, do breath work, whatever helps you access that Divine part of you. The Sun and the Moon are highlighting something different, and that will lead you outside of the box you have put yourself in and onto the path of your higher Heart.


Speaking of the heart, let’s get back to Venus. She is conjunct Juno and is making her third and final stepping stone (square) to Uranus in Taurus. The last two stepping stones occurred on July 2 nd /3 rd and August 9 th . Can you connect any themes from these days, or did anything happen that sent a shockwave to your heart? What cycle are you ready to complete now? Venus is a big part of what we value, and also how we see and Love ourselves. What has shifted for you along those lines?


What about Mars forming a new cycle with the Earth Star, in a bridge with the Soul Star, Eris and Chiron? Mars is in Libra, the sign of the mirrored self. This bridge is likely activating our core wounds and it’s important to understand that whatever is painful (Chiron/Eris in Aries) is a reflection. Anything that triggers you at this time is useful information that you are meant to focus back on your Self for integration. Remember that Mars disposes Aries and this Full Moon- take care not to project onto others or take action from a triggered place. With Mars approaching a new cycle with the Earth Star, watch for the tendency to repeat old behaviors in relationships. There is a balance here that can be found, and the inner turmoil is showing you a new path (Eris/Soul Star new cycle).


Venus/Juno are also manifesting with the Soul Star and Eris and in resource with Mars so again, pay attention to your heart. Which path leads to more Self-Love? How can you use any reflections (Mars in Libra) to move towards the path of your higher Heart? Your committed partnerships (Juno) likely provide insight here.


To add more nuance to all of this, Venus/Juno and Mars/Earth Star are forming a Finger of God with Neptune! Focus on your dreams, and how you want to achieve them. Don’t get lost in the fog. If you are confused, ask your higher Self for clarity. Focus on what you want your life to look like a few years from now, and then work back towards whatever actions, values and beliefs will put you in alignment with your dreams.

And finally, Venus/Juno is forming a great eliminator with Pluto while Mars is approaching a stepping stone with Pluto (exact on Oct 8 th ). The Nodes are continuing their stepping stone dance with Pluto as well. Something is ready for transformation- the stepping stone to Mars is likely providing enough friction to inspire you to action. Again, listen to your Heart. The great eliminator implies that it is time to let something go so you can have a re-birth. Maybe it’s a repeating pattern in the way you show up in
relationships, or certain triggers around your wounds are causing you to close your heart instead of diving deep into the hurt and listening to what your pain wants to tell you.


This is an action-oriented full Moon, and it’s all about taking Heart-led action. Take some time to really be present with yourself and your emotions so that you can get in touch with what you truly want and need, and then from that higher vantage point you can take action.