Libra New Moon September 25, 2022

Beth NolteMoon Report








Libra New Moon


5:54pm EDT/ 2:54pm PDT

2 Libra 48


Birthing ourselves again

Hey! Happy Equinox. Happy New Moon. Here we go into eclipse season. You can take leaps in time – now until November 23. The wormhole is open!

This is the New Moon in Libra. It’s the lens of the objective observer. In 5D astrology, Libra is the sign of the mirrored self. What are you watching out there? Is there something that’s got your blood pumping and passion stirring?

The New Moon is in a bridge with (opposite) Jupiter in Aries. Just five degrees away from the Sun Moon new cycle (conjunction), Mercury is about to meet Venus at the end of Virgo. Hot Jupiter adds heat to whatever’s in the pot. This pot is all about mind and heart. A new cycle is coming online around thinking and feeling.

Mercury and Venus make a bridge to Neptune. There’s also magic on tap. From the stance of objective observer, what luminal spaces can you use to align mind and heart? The center of a rainbow perhaps? Neptune extends an invitation to oneness.

MakeMake is at 8º Libra. The 5D archetype of divine law and natural order leads the New Moon/Mercury/Venus train. Traveling beyond Neptune, MakeMake moves too slow to stay ahead of the pack. But for the moment, the higher dimensions of consciousness are very present and echoing the New Moon themes around justice, personal power and tuning into the high heart.

Whatever’s happening out there…Are you feeling offended? Is your Spidey sense tingling about what’s unjust? Before unleashing the dragon force within, let’s take a breath.

What are you feeling? Is this about winning? It’s an old question, but if there isn’t something to win, does that mean there’s nothing to lose?

Collectively, we’re straddling the Portal of Truth between our emotional and physical bodies. It’s a birth canal. Like any birthing, we’re in a sensitive spot; tensions can get high. Mercury and Venus (mind and heart) are in the emotional body, in the sign of emotional wisdom. The Sun and Moon (the lights of our soul) are in the physical body, in the sign of physical power. We are birthing our own physical existence, again – mind, heart and soul!

Remember who you are. Choose to feel empowered. It’s a new cycle in self-care.

Enjoy the ride. YEAH Wormhole! WHEEEEEE!

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