The 2023 Full Blue Super Moon in Pisces

Cari Campbell Moon Report

August Full Moon/Supermoon at 7 Pisces

By: Cari Campbell

This Pisces Full Moon is a Supermoon, meaning that the Moon is currently closest to the Earth. This is the third of four super Moons this year, and it is the one that finds the Moon closest to the earth. That means the Moon will appear larger than usual, and as a result it will exert a far greater influence upon us. But that’s not all. This is also a Blue Moon, which is a much rarer event. A Blue Moon occurs when the Moon is full for the second time in a month. The Moon and Sun aren’t making a lot of 3D aspects themselves, but there is still quite a bit going on and it has the potential to be beautiful if you are willing to answer the call of the deep – your own inner depths, that is!


Pisces is the limitless realm- the void, representing the breadth and depth of the ocean.  It can tend to be emotional or even somewhat scary if you aren’t comfortable with your innermost self.  But there is nothing to fear.  Remember that emotions are energy in motion.  They can tell you something about yourself and your needs, your desires, and your boundaries when you are ready to listen. 


The Supermoon in Pisces indicates that something is culminating and ready for release.  Go willingly into the depths to see what no longer serves your highest good and is ready to be let go of.   Now is not the time to disassociate.  Get present and listen to your inner guidance.   Follow your feelings with your full awareness and go on a journey.  Go exploring!  Don’t worry, you won’t get lost.  If you are worried then set the intention that you will only go so far as serves your highest good.

This Full Moon sports a new cycle (conjunction) with Saturn retrograde, Saturn can show you where your structures and responsibilities are out of alignment.  What needs to shift and how can Saturn assist you in doing so?  Likewise, what established “rules” no longer apply and need to be abolished?

Saturn retrograding in Pisces is helping us ground our dreams into reality. It can also provide many opportunities to get more familiar with that limitless part of ourselves.    Pisces, and this Full Moon, are disposed by Neptune.  Neptune can bring about confusion and illusion, but it also tends to lead to clarity and higher consciousness.  With Saturn in Neptune’s domain, we truly can become our own enlightened guru.  Saturn guides us at this time to go deep thoroughly and consistently to clear away what is no longer serving us. The significance of this rare Moon points to the need to move past long standing blocks and limitations. It is important to observe the big picture to see what can be embraced or released in this moment.   On the flip side, what routine or structure would benefit you?  It may be a commitment to meditation or other spiritual practice, or a commitment to working towards a long-held dream that you have been putting off.



Venus in Leo will be stationing direct a few days after this lunar event, on September 3rd.  Currently Venus is in a great eliminator (inconjunct) with the Moon.  As she nears the end of her retrograde cycle it is a really good time to ask yourself what your heart wants, and more importantly, what is no longer in alignment with your heart and is ready to be released.  The retrograde period gave us 40 days to go inward and reflect on our heart’s needs and desires and now we can use this clarity to let go of what isn’t serving our highest good and put our mental focus on what we truly desire.  Venus is our self-worth, our higher heart, and our capacity to love.   Being in Leo, this is a great time to practice radical self-acceptance.  Let your heart shine.  Or better yet, let it roar like a lion or lioness!


Venus is in a stepping stone (square) with Jupiter, who is currently in Taurus and disposed by Venus herself.  It seems that the tension created by this stepping stone can result in the heart getting its way no matter what.  This could be Venus wanting to go big or go home, and Jupiter in Taurus being more grounded and practical.  Let your heart lead the way.


Boomerang/Yod with Mars and Juno

Both Mars and Juno are forming great eliminators with the Moon and Saturn.  The Sun, of course, is the boomerang.   Juno (8 Leo) is conjunct Varuna (7 Leo, our higher vision) and Venus (12).  Mars is at 2 Libra.  What does our heart want from our committed partnerships (Juno)?  What is the action (Mars) we are called to take?  The Moon is highlighting the issue, and the Sun is shining a light on the solution. The boomerang Sun has a way of repeatedly pointing out what we need to see. It is so important to pay attention.


Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus

Mercury retrograde (19 Virgo) is manifesting with (trine) Jupiter, who is preparing to station and turn retrograde.  As mentioned before,  Jupiter is disposed by Venus who is wrapping up her retrograde journey.  It is time for our mental body to take up this inner review, leading to inner alignment.  First our hearts and now our minds- the heart should always lead the way! 


What is Jupiter in Taurus opening up for you?  What type of expansion is your heart desiring?  And how will you use your thoughts and communication skills (Mercury in Virgo) to support your heart’s desires?  As Jupiter goes retrograde you will have more opportunities to go inward and clarify what your inner being is calling forth for expansion and grounding into the material world.  Mercury reversing course through Virgo will give you an opportunity to review the ground you’ve already covered, where you can see things you may have missed the first time around and create a more wholistic picture of what you are desiring.  Mercury is very much at home here, so use your mind wisely at this time!


Mercury is also manifesting with Uranus at 23 Taurus, and Uranus has just gone retrograde on 8/28).  Stay present and get ready for some “aha!” moments!   It may be a good idea to keep a pen and paper handy during this lunar event so you can record any epiphanies you may have.    And just like Jupiter, Uranus is currently being disposed by Venus.  How beautiful is this??  Both Jupiter and Uranus are infused with the wisdom of the heart, connecting with our mental body.  It’s truly a great opportunity for aligning the heart and mind. The concurrent stations of these two giant planets can offer so much momentum and assistance to bring great change into our lives.



Chiron, at 19 Aries, is in a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Mercury.  In the Cosmic Consciousness system Virgo is disposed by Chiron.  Chiron, the Master Healer, is the place where we embrace our “wounds” and by doing so, bring ourselves into wholeness.  At this time, there may be an inexplicable tension- perhaps a core wound is bumping up against our attempts to get into inner alignment around our heart’s desires.  This isn’t a bad thing.   This is where we use the power of this Pisces Moon to take a deep dive into our inner world.  Make friends with your core wound. Get to know it better. Ask it what it wants to show you, and then listen.  Show it grace and empathy, like you would to a wounded child (it very well may be your inner wounded child trying to get your attention!).  Virgo is sign of the Divine Mother;   this Mercury in Virgo knows how to listen with empathy and to nurture wholeness.


The Lunar Nodes, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto


The Nodes are connecting to the outer planets in a big way.


The Earth Star (South Node/Karma) is forming a boomerang yod with Uranus and Neptune with the Soul Star (North Node/ Dharma) as the release point of the yod.  We may have epiphanies around an illusion/delusion that we have held that can clear the fog and move us towards our higher path (Dharma).  How can we embrace all that we know and have realized about ourselves as experienced through partnerships and communication (Karma in Libra) to help us forge ahead on a new path (Dharma in Aries)?  Aries is the “Divine Spark of Creation”- what are you inspired to move towards? 


The Nodes are also still in a stepping stone with Pluto.  This has been going on for quite some time; the stepping stone was exact on July 26th, and they will remain within a 3 degree orb until the end of October.   Reflect on your comfort zone versus your higher calling.  What is Pluto insisting we transform?  Pluto isn’t subtle- the answer is most likely obvious, although we may not want to see it.  Remember that karma isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s just the totality of our prior experiences and accumulated wisdom.  What we do with that knowledge and how we move forward is what is important.  Are you staying stuck in your ways out of comfort and habit?  Isn’t it time to make a shift?     Venus stationed retrograde just a few days before this aspect was exact (July 22nd).  So think back over the past two months- what themes have been coming up for you that are asking for your attention?


Many blessings to you during this beautiful Piscean Moon!  My desire for all of us is to find that inner alignment necessary to manifest our dreams into reality.


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