Virgo New Moon August 27, 2022

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Virgo New Moon


4:16am EDT

4 Virgo 04

Time to course correct.

Virgo on the Cosmic Clock is the hour of Emotional Wisdom. And isn’t true that all the emotions, all the stuff is coming up for review? Are you feeling it?

Your emotions tell you what you need.

Right here, right now. We’re giving birth. The emotions feed the body. What we feel takes form. Feeling is the language of the body and becomes our physical reality.

Are you feeling the past hurts, rejections and loss?

Do you feel in Love with the future you’re creating?

Here’s the big secret… the body only speaks the language of feelings. It doesn’t know the difference between feelings from the future or feelings from the past.

Virgo is all about alignment. The Virgo superpower is to see the big picture as clearly as the smallest detail. It’s the Earth Wisdom sign. Think about shifting sands on a massive dune. Every part makes the whole. There’s change and action. It’s a space of transition; preparation for the next quadrant in the energetic field, into the physical body.

This is a moment to create order and clean house. Throw out what needs to go. Then lean in and open up to the partner sign of Pisces. Receive your inspiration from the infinite realm.

The 5D archetype Orcus sits nine degrees away from the New Moon. Orcus represents the vow we made about what we’re becoming in this incarnation. Orcus is picking up the same thread throughout lifetimes. This New Moon is an invitation to enter into the world between worlds and make adjustments. Call your soul parts back. Clean up the old limiting beliefs about who you are and what you came to be.

What’s the vision you’re falling in Love with? What do you need? If you don’t know, here’s the chance to get clear. Why wait?!?

The next quantum leap is coming next month when the wormhole opens. Ready to enter eclipse season?

It begins September 25 with the New Moon in Libra. Eclipses occur on October 25 and November 8. The wormhole ends with the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23.

Back to the Virgo New Moon. Remember…Emotional Wisdom leads to Physical Power. Maybe it’s time to invite your wisest self in for some conversation.

So much Love to you!

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