Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Aquarius

There’s an unmistakable new beginning manifesting this week, bookended by the Aquarius New Moon on Monday and Mercury leaving his retrograde shadow next Sunday, producing a whole new chapter of communication and connection. The more willing you are to speak your Truth and allow your brilliance to be seen uncensored, the more clearly you will understand what all that struggle and conflict you’ve just been through has been for. Those places where you were unsure about your Self have been realigned and recalibrated and you are ready now to take a bold strong step toward your future. Be sure you are following your heart and leave your head out of it. The mind/heart balance has been restructured in you, and as long as you don’t decide to base your choices on that ancient fear-based mind set, you’re golden.

Your heart knows where to go.

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