Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Aquarius

Have you noticed the shift in the way others are relating to you? Some of it is not so subtle. You’re probably doing a good job handling these strange reactions, (or are they projections?), helping you realize how far you’ve come in your capacity to stay centered and remain in the observer’s perch. You might want to stay there and fasten your seat belt, because this week your ruler, Uranus, goes retrograde and that’s going to produce quite a ripple effect. It’s nothing you can’t handle, of course. In fact, the more centered you remain through these choppy waters, the more fully you will realize your greatest purpose. That purpose is, of course, to awaken others to the Truth. You’ve always known that was your path, it’s been how to bring it that’s been the great puzzle.

Be still and listen for the revelation.

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