Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Aquarius

Emotional upheaval is part of the fabric of your life now, and the more fully you accept that, the more you will realize the valuable role it plays expanding your horizons. Anyplace where you’ve been dumbing your Self down or hiding the Truth of who you are is a place that needs an overhaul, and that’s exactly what emotional disturbance provides. So ride the waves that are currently affecting your life, and know that they are essential to your unfoldment. Nobody said that getting to the new world was easy. A big part of transcending duality is the letting go of judgment and limiting beliefs. Best to consider that whatever is happening just IS, and it’s always for your highest good.

When you ride the ups and downs with an open heart you’ll find you’re automatically manifesting an infinitely more limitless realm of possibilities.

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