Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Aries

Because Virgo is the progenitor (Divine Mother) of humanity in Cosmic Consciousness, the Virgo New Moon each year offers each and every one of us the opportunity to step fully into all that we are. This particular new moon is also a soular eclipse, which opens a wormhole, a passage that can deliver you to the places within you that you’ve never been able to realize before. It’s possible that there’s never been a more important opportunity to do this than this moment right here right now. Be sure, going into this eclipse journey, that your thoughts are very deliberately Loving and gentle, especially toward your Self. Loving Self-thought is the beginning of manifestation. What you think becomes your world, pretty instantaneously these days, and you are the Divine Spark of creation.

That’s quite a powerful combination when you wrap your Self around it.

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