Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Aries

During the past six months or so, life has shown you to some amazing new vistas. It’s important to remember that everything you see is your own reflection. So whether you’ve been to new places, met new people or developed new skills, it’s time to take your place as the pioneering spirit that you are. It’s time to put all your new awareness to good use. Courage is your middle name and its why you’re here. You chose this Aries incarnation to put your brave, daring spirit to good use. Whether you’ve done that all your life or you’ve been working your way toward it, your shining moment has come. Stay true to you, with kindness and a gentle compassion, and you’ll find it’s easy to step up into all that you’ve been dreaming for your Self.

Faith in Faith and Trust in Trust.

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