Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Capricorn

The New Year brings plenty of activity with it, and you may feel hard pressed to keep up, because you’ve been focused on Self-preservation through the holidays. It’s probably best to stay with your inner process, because Mercury’s retrograde on Tuesday will serve you well along those lines. Meanwhile, the glimpses you catch of what’s waiting for you are important to note, as the end of the week promises a new beginning. Ideally, this new start should be embraced with a healthy inner/outer balance. In other words, coming from a place of vibrant well-being is the way to making any opportunity something meaningful for you. Fear not, the self-worth factor is building all week, which is all the more reason to stay focused on the inner realm. When you’re feeling good about you, there’s nothing in the world you can’t handle.

Embrace your Self.

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