Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Capricorn

It’s time to get on with the next chapter of your life, and if you consciously and deliberately put your focus on getting started you’ll begin to see results. You may realize pretty quickly that it’s not full speed ahead just yet. That’s because there’s a lot of recalibration and upgrade still taking place, to give your heart a chance to catch up. You’ve got a new outlook that serves you well, but it won’t mean that much if your heart isn’t 100% along for the ride. Pay attention to those places where you’re not feeling all in, especially where new chapters are beginning. Breathe, go in, and attune your Self to whatever your heart is resonating with. It’s not about understanding it; it’s about trusting the energy now. Set sail on the limitless realm of possibilities.

Your heart will never steer you wrong.

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