Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Capricorn

There’s been a lot of activity recently, and there’s plenty more on your agenda, which is why it may surprise you when everything starts slowing down right in the middle of your best laid plans. Your planet, Saturn, is pulling into his station, and that can wreak havoc with your momentum. There’s nothing to do but embrace the stillness. Once you do, you’ll realize you’re smack in the middle of the limitless realm, with access to just about anything, though it’s FEELS like being stalled in the middle of the ocean without a paddle. Do your best to remember that the most uncomfortable moments are usually the prelude to great breakthroughs. Stay out of your head, go into your heart and make the decision to float on your back and relax.

Major adjustments are most efficient when you’re willing to be still for them.

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