Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Leo

The Sun conjoined with the Soul Star (dharmic node) last week, and empowered you immeasurably to get on with a major creative project that’s been a long time coming. As humanity’s main representative of the Light (you are the SUN), you already know that shining brightly and undertaking your mission automatically attracts all kinds of circumstances that are designed to try and stop you. At the very least they’ll try and sidetrack you. You’ve had so much practice you can deal with all this with your eyes closed. But don’t close your eyes! The more aware you are of what’s coming up, the more capable you’ll be of creating unreservedly so that no density can possibly materialize. The key words here are shine brightly.
No matter what, stand tall in your creative power so nothing in the world can interfere with your life-giving energies.

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