Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Leo

The world seems very wobbly right now, so wobbly that it may be causing you to hesitate to take that step forward that you’ve been so working hard to make happen. The question is, which world are you living in? The one where your brilliant, life-affirming Light energizes you and everyone around you, or the one where some very unbalanced powers that Be dictate your experience? This world can’t survive without you. This is a moment to reaffirm your purpose and ground your Self solidly into the new territory that you have been forging. There is, in Truth, nothing in this world that has the power to stop you. Only fear can do that… YOUR fear. Your real work is to discipline your Self to keep choosing Love and the less traveled path at every turn.

Let those disruptive energies become your motivational fuel.

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