Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Libra

You know there’s plenty of growth happening, and it’s your job right now to allow it. You may feel a bit conflicted, because there’s plenty of core stuff being stirred up, but the choice about how to move through that old debris is yours, always, in every moment. It’s the old victim/empowerment scenario that’s playing out right now, and you already know you’re no victim. Those old core wounds can be pretty formidable, and once in a while they can take you down to your knees without your even realizing what happened. No problem. While you’re down there you can choose to realize that on your knees is a very good place to be. Surrender is the name of the game, and gratitude is what comes when you acknowledge it.

Keep choosing to believe in your Self and you’ll find the door to liberation.

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