Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Libra

Because it’s so hard for you to perceive your Self, you probably don’t realize how amazing you can be at what you do. You’re always watching your own performance through the eyes of those around you, without ever realizing that you’re judging your Self, and perceiving your own beliefs about your limitations and weak spots. Consider that you don’t have any. Well, none worth mentioning. Your worst is better than most people’s best. If you can remember that, you’ll be so much freer to get on with your life’s purpose. You’re currently experiencing one revelation after another, and the only person keeping you from realizing the state of your awakened consciousness is you. Who cares what others think? What others think is none of your business.

But you must be mindful of your own awakened consciousness, so those others can begin to truly benefit.

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