Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Libra

Emotion can be hard to deal with this week, as ancient hurts and unresolved issues come to the surface. It’s important to remember that everything happens for your highest good, and that it serves no one to dwell on hurt that’s deeply rooted in your past. Let it all come up and then let it all go. In doing so, you’ll find your emotions have moved you to a new heart-centered consciousness that liberates you once and for all from your core karmic issues. Once free of these, the possibilities for a happy compassionate life are limitless. It’s not as difficult as you’d like to believe. Letting go is the key to it all, and any reason you have for holding on is fear based. There is no justification for unhappiness, or any feeling that isn’t peaceful.

Honestly, isn’t it time for some joy?

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