Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Pisces

If you take a moment to go within you’ll find you feel more like your Self than you have for quite some time. Breathe, because the more you tune in, the more you’ll realize how much more of you is present. You’ve worked hard, allowing your Self to Be your Self without the old fear-based tendency to hide your Light, or worse, to deny it. There’s a certain alchemy taking place within you now, and you can feel it. You’re fully inhabiting your Self, and that’s no small feat. It feels beyond good to be able to flow so fully and freely. It’s positively liberating. You’ve yearned for this for so long, as if you had to make your way here somehow.

The Truth is, you’ve been here all along, and you only had to get out of your own way to realize it.

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