Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Pisces

It’s not unusual for you to follow your heart into uncharted territory, and it’s very probable that you’ve done just that. As you step the unknown, it’s vital that you stay with your original instinct, and refuse to allow anything or anyone ‘out there’ to distract or deter you from this new path. It’s nothing short of a vision quest, and it requires your focus and unequivocal trust. You know what you know. Believe it. Physical evidence means SO little at this time. That’s because the physical world is changing so drastically. Besides, it has never been the place to go for reliable proof of anything, and you know that better than anyone. Going where you’ve never been before is not unusual for you, but you are truly in a new land.

Your great gift is your limitlessness, and it can take you everywhere.

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