Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Taurus

Despite the storms that reflect the inner changes that are relentlessly taking place, this could turn out to be an extremely fortunate week for you, so stay tuned to the frequency of limitless possibilities and refuse to focus on the more uncomfortable energies that are so dominant right now. There’s a lot of opportunity coming your way, and choosing to move in new directions serves you well. Be sure those new options speak to your heart. When they do, you’ll move forward, and there won’t be the need for too much thought. That’s how you’ll know which road to take. As Carlos Castaneda said, ‘Take the path with heart’. As you do, a subtle but definite shift comes over you, and you find your Self stepping into those positions of leadership you have typically shied away from in the past.

Let your Self Shine.

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