Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Taurus

What a life-altering week lies ahead. You’re about to plant your Self in new ground, the ground of unconditional Self Love and personal Mastery. No, of course it’s not happening overnight, you’ve been making your slow and steady way toward this moment for years. You may not have known exactly what you were headed for, and you certainly didn’t know what it would look like, and that is why it’s so imperative for you to be in a state of undiluted surrender right now. Get on your knees and await your moment of transformation, which is imminent. Let the shadows of ancient fears come up and release them. That is precisely why they are appearing now. The release empties your vessel, and you’ll immediately be filled with the Light of a new consciousness.

The act takes faith. The rest is a piece of cake.

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