Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Virgo

There’s a definite shift in the energies this week, calling you back to being of service. It’s not that you’re ever NOT in service, but it’s been a time of profound Self-searching, and it’s been really good for you, though you may not realize it just yet. The New Moon shifts your focus off of your Self and onto others. This time, though, you should be able to recognize your own reflection when you see it. Gone are the days of ‘me and you’. It’s all about the “I AM you and You are me” now. This newly balanced perspective comes from all that inner work you’ve done. Now you’ll find motivation to get back to some of those efforts that mean so much to you. Don’t hesitate when you feel the call.

There’s nothing like some service to restore you to your Self.

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