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Philip commenced his study of astrology in 1969 while serving in the U.S. Navy. He studied copiously while deployed in two far eastern tours with a unique and challenging control group – twenty some odd men, closed quarters, combat stresses and astrological horoscopes to sort it all out. This time opened the doors of realizing the value astrology offered and the many ways it could play out.

He conducted his first astrological session in 1975, quite by accident. Since that time he has read charts for clients, conducted research and written extensively. In 1976, while attending a lecture by a colleague, the late Joyce Werhman, she referred to the Galactic Center. That provided the push for Philip to explore the astrology of those things in near and deep space, no longer limiting his work to the confines of this solar system. Deep Space Astrology and Whole Sky astrology rose from those seeds, both Bringing Heaven to Earth.

A researcher by nature, Mr. Sedgwick, investigated the astrological signatures of aviation disasters, intensively explored the effects of galactic phenomena on astrology and is an astrological authority on Comet Halley. Currently, he continues research relating to planetary cycles affecting commercial aviation and aerospace. He monitors and researches radiation disturbances from not only the Sun, but also originating in the newly encountered Soft Gamma Ray repeaters. His latest research passion involves investigation of the unusual Centaur and Trans-Neptunian Objects found weaving the inner solar system with the depths of space.

Philip Sedgwick wrote a weekly column for the Science Fiction Channel online entitled “Space Scopes” from May1998 – October 2001. Philip has also written extensively for as a writer of both articles and e-mail transit reports. Additionally he has written ongoing columns for and the America West Airlines Magazine. Presently he writes ongoing columns for and His latest project is a CD set, The Galactic Trilogy. The trilogy consists of a text Astronomy for Astrologers, an interpretive treatise, The Soul of the Sky, and hundreds pages of data and ephemeridae.

Mr. Sedgwick has lectured internationally, and has conducted classes at several United Astrology Congresses and American Federation of Astrologers conventions. He has also presented lectures for the American Institute of Astrology, International Society for Astrological Research, National Council of Geocosmic Research and at many regional conferences such as NORWAC and ROMAC. His expertise extends beyond astrology into metaphysics and parapsychology. He has been involved in an extensive research project dealing with paranormal photography.

He previously authored three print books on astrology: The Astrology of Transcendence and The Astrology of Deep Space and The Sun at the Center – A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology (now available as an e-book). He was a contributing writer for Llewellyn’s Sun Sign Guide 1986, 1988 and 1989 and Spiritual, Metaphysical & New Trends in Modern Astrology.

His Galactic Ephemeris of over 8,700 deep space objects leads astrologers on discoveries of potent sources profoundly affecting our natal horoscopes. Philip additionally produced a galactic software add-on for the popular Solar Fire program, entitled Galastro, and written a Galactic interpretive report for the Kepler/Pegasus softwares.

Philip Sedgwick has appeared on many radio and TV stations throughout the country and has been featured in many newspapers for his work with corporate astrological consulting. He was staff astrologer for “The Morning Exchange” on WEWS, an ABC affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio. He appeared on several national network shows and weather programs integrating astrology in a light-hearted manner. Known for his clear and witty presentations (also having worked as a stand-up comic), he has given audiences much to ponder with his intense ways of delivering information. One of his latest successes was his presentation, “Astrologically Incorrect,” a comedy show dealing with astrology, which received a standing ovation at UAC 1998 in Atlanta. He also performed for ISAR in 2000 his comedy show “Heaven Help Us.” He also lightened the crowd with presentations at UAC 2002 and the Canopus Conference in Australia in 2003.

Forever on the leading edge of astrology, Philip will keep his finger on the pulse of the latest astrophysical discovery and bring it down to Earth for others to enjoy and use.

To find out more about Philip and the services he offers, you can visit his website at He can be reached directly by calling 1.520.888.1920, or by email at