Cosmic Consciousness Weekly

Lisa E Zimmerman Cosmic Consciousness Weekly

By Lisa E Zimmerman

We are in the wake of the New Moon in Leo (square Uranus), that invites you to align with your Evolving Self, to liberate yourself from restrictive structures/patterns, so you are free to pursue your Being and expression. In your world, You create it all!
Uranus may have instigated a curveball, breakthrough, insight or solution that redirected your focus in a way you couldn’t have predicted – and Venus Retrograde continues through Sept 3, allowing you to reconsider who/what you *really* value (and act accordingly), as you clear old debris from your heartspace, so you are more open, compassionate and available to those you want to share your love with.
Aug 22 – On the final day of Leo we have two aspects, and we will already be feeling the Station of Mercury Retrograde coming tomorrow (when it appears to stand still before changing direction). This makes it a high probability day for crossed wires, mixups, tech issues, etc. Be gentle and take it slow.
Venus square Jupiter – This is can be indulgence, a major purchase or generosity bestowed on another. Stay conscious. There’s a tendency with a square to go overboard, either b/c you’re feeling good, having fun or want to impress. Or you decide “I don’t care,” in the moment – and later, you care! It all depends on how you are naturally. If you are frugal, maybe it will help you loosen up – and if you’re a spender or giver, be mindful. It’s particularly tricky because following it is…
Mars opposite Neptune – Mars in Virgo is left-brained and Neptune is nonlinear. In opposition, Neptune can create confusion, when Mars in Virgo needs order and details count, which can be incredibly stressful. Or Mars in Virgo can be critical and nitpicky, when Neptune is trying to chill, while trusting its own intuitive guidance. Not the day for accounting, data entry, fact finding, as Neptune can be dreamy and miss things.
Better to wait and choose creative, spiritual or leisure pursuits today. Your judgment may be off – and Neptune is very suggestible (easy to sell to), so if Venus-Jupiter is hooked on something you want or believe in, Mars-Neptune could be complicit in sealing the deal. A trusted second opinion or restraint will serve you well today.
Aug 23 – The Sun enters analytical Virgo, sign of health, wellness, service and your daily work and is ready to put things in order and see what needs attention. The fire victims in Maui will attract Virgo types who are the helpers, there to assist in every way possible, with the non-glamorous, hands-on work. Virgo separates what’s useful from what’s not useful and it’s a sign of doing. Nobody loves to help like Virgo.
Pay attention to the needs of your body, your health, diet, exercise and whatever else needs care in your world. Create daily rituals that are doable for you. Find the support you need to achieve your goals if you need it.
Mercury Retrograde (Aug 23 – Sept 15) – Mercury travels from 21º to 8º Virgo during its Retrograde period and you will be going back over territory covered since Aug 3rd, but not yet. First, Mercury is Stationing (standing still to change directions), and it can feel like nothing is happening or everything is excruciatingly slow. Go with it – allow yourself to downshift and give yourself twice as much time to do half as many things as you normally would. Get my free report (link above) for directions during Mercury Retrograde.
Guidance pre-Retrograde: back up your technology, service your car, check travel plans, double-check all reservations and dates during this period, just to be sure.
Allow the Retrograde time for review to be a sacred process. Clear clutter, release anything you don’t need and give it to someone who does. This is a beautiful way to connect with others. Before you let an item go, thank it for its service to you. Honor everything. It will have so much more meaning. 🙏🏼
Enjoy any relatively peaceful time you have, as the action will pick up again in the final week of August, when Uranus turns Retrograde. Take nothing for granted. Ever.
As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.
“The most powerful moments in music are sometimes the spaces between the notes.” ~ Sonia Choquette
© 2023 Lisa E Zimmerman. All rights reserved.
Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an evolving, empowered and meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️
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Weekly Forecast for October 14, 2022- Cosmic Consciousness Edition

Lisa E Zimmerman Cosmic Consciousness Weekly







Oct 14 – We continue through the Eclipse wormhole (a short distance between two vastly different realities) with a Solar Eclipse at 2º Scorpio on October 25, followed by a Lunar Eclipse at 16º Taurus on Nov 8. This distorts the time/space continuum as you know it, so that it’s hard to get your bearings.

As your mind works overtime to find familiar reference points, seeking security – they are veiled, shifted or non-existent. What’s being offered (if anything), is a new path. But where is that leading you?? This is a faith piece, whether anything is visible or not, that has yet to be revealed.

At the same time, Mars (action/will) in Gemini is barely moving, preparing to turn Retrograde from Oct 30-Jan 12, which affects momentum and offers you a closer look at how you’re operating as the pace downshifts, if you can focus Gemini’s distractibility and busyness. Adjust your expectations about what should happen when to align with Divine Timing, rather than your (ego’s) timing, with faith that All is well.

The ongoing Saturn-Uranus square continues to create conflict and division via the old vs. the new; traditional rules and structures vs. rebellion and demands for freedom. Our foundation feels shaky, living in a divided world with people who have been programmed to fight for (fill in the blank).

Don’t take the bait – and realize that that this mirror of dualistic thinking is here to illustrate the futility of black/white, right/wrong, good/bad thinking that can reduce adults to acting like children. If you are awake, there is much wisdom to be gained by rising above and witnessing what people are willing to accept by being a follower. Claim your Authority and don’t be a pawn. Attune to your heart to know what’s right for you.

All week Mars in Gemini squares nonlinear Neptune, which can affect your energy, mental focus, processing, mood and motivation. Remember, Mars is barely moving – and dreamy Neptune calls your energy within to your Higher Self, imagination or higher dimensions of consciousness.

Therefore, left-brained work can be challenging, whereas creative activities, rest, leisure, nature and spiritual practices are food for the soul. This is a perfect time to practice “Wu Wei,” a Taoist principle of intuitive action that is spontaneous, natural and effortless, that flows around obstacles, and goes to the belief that less (effort) is more. No struggle or stress – stay connected and go with the flow.

Oct 17 – The Sun trines Mars, which supports efforts to move forward, but it may not be as smooth as you expect due to Mars Stationing to Retrograde and Mars square Neptune.

Oct 18, Venus trines Mars, that indicates someone appearing to assist you, a blessing or creative inspiration. Remember Wu Wei. Don’t push. Clear Intentions can magnetize your efforts tremendously, along with aligned actions taken in harmony with you and your environment.

Oct 19 – Mercury opposes Chiron, creating the opportunity for wounding or healing words. Choose the healing if you have made unkind remarks, need to make amends or reconnect. If your thinking has become negative, shift your mindset by having a reality check (is it gossip, self-pity, judgment, self-righteousness, entitlement, victimhood, denial?). Allow your mind to operate through the lens of love and compassion for a higher expression of mental processing, rather than egoic competition and scarcity.

Oct 20 – Sun squares Pluto, and issues around power come up and have to be dealt with. You may face a bully or be in a situation with an imbalance of power (either you or them as the tyrant / victim). Someone gets pushed or feels diminished, safety and integrity may be tested and may have to do with $$ or resources. Whatever comes up is a flag for healing, so get the memo if this is you.

A higher expression of Sun-Pluto energy is the ability to create what you want – or being able to access your gifts, strengths and talents to use, at will, for the Greater Good.

You may feel like you’re going nowhere – and on a 3D level, maybe you’re right. But energetically, you’re growing and evolving, stretching and morphing into your next incarnation of expression that is beyond the projection of your logical mind. I love a surprise – get ready :))

Your intuition and Higher Self are tracking with you; they are right there. If you get quiet and go within, you can feel the beauty of where you are, beyond the mind, in some higher dimensional space. Just sit there and Be whenever possible, for peace and a respite from the personal and collective transformation that you are going through.

Know that All is well, be patient, and watch the movie. Remember that separation is an illusion.

“Your strength will come from standing in the center of a place that no one can see, knowing what no one can verify and dancing to a tune that no one else can hear.” ~ Emmanuel

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

© 2022 Lisa E Zimmerman. All rights reserved.


Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an empowered, meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️


Weekly Forecast for October 7, 2022- Cosmic Consciousness Edition

Lisa E Zimmerman Cosmic Consciousness Weekly







– We are in a momentum shift that is ongoing via the current Eclipse wormhole (a short distance between two vastly different realities), with a Solar Eclipse on Oct 25 in Scorpio and a Lunar Eclipse on Nov 8 in Taurus. This can feel disorienting, regarding time. Also, Pluto Stations Direct on Oct 8, which creates extra intensity this week – and extra power for breakthroughs, revelations and transformation. Don’t think of Pluto as a negative.

This is a guaranteed shakeup and shedding of that which no longer serves your growth and evolution, whether you see it or not right now. This is a faith piece if you don’t, so keep your eye on the bigger picture, as this reality is definitely NOT your final destination! Aside from your personal life, we are having a collective experience that will inform the direction and path of humanity and holding a high frequency and loving intention for equality and Oneness is your invaluable contribution.


Pluto turns Direct on Oct 8 to travel the final degrees of traditional Capricorn until it reaches progressive Aquarius in late March ’23. If anything is complete, outdated, dead or dying in your life, it will let you know – and when it does, resistance is futile. Pluto rules death and rebirth, but it only takes what you’ve outgrown, and it’s always for your Highest Good.

Practice allowing and surrender with faith that you are available for what’s ahead, even when you don’t know exactly what it is. Trust that within you lies the potential to rise to the occasion – and don’t judge any moment as good or bad. It’s a moment that’s leading you forward on a path that’s unfamiliar to you, asking you to create from a clean slate, a space of innovation and fresh possibilities. Be willing to sit in the unknown, with faith and grace, until you are guided to take action, knowing that All is in Divine Order.


Oct 9 – the Full Moon in Aries is @ 1:55pm PDT with Chiron (Master Healer) conjunct the Moon with Venus conjunct the Sun. The Libra-Aries axis is the “I-Thou” principle, the basis of all relationships, and how we get what we want (or not). Aries is a maverick, pioneer, warrior, and in this energy, you want it YOUR way – direct, high energy and action-packed. Libra is “other”-oriented, sign of peace, harmony, balance and beauty. Libra is the mirror, who seeks compromise, connection and loves a win-win. So where are you on the continuum – are you a “me” or a “we” type – or somewhere in-between?


This is an opportunity to evolve your relationships by modeling and/or asking for what you want to experience, rather than operating in old habitual dynamics that have become embedded. If you’re attracting anything unwanted, it is mirroring some part of you that is unconscious, and you’ve called it in to awaken and liberate yourself.


Here’s a check-in: Do you sacrifice your needs for relationships (as a pattern)? Why? Have you given up your power and called in a bully or manipulator to reflect that – or are you the dominant player?


You may discover that you are operating in ways that surprise or even horrify you – not at all what you intended – but don’t resist the information. Awareness provides you with the opportunity to heal shadow energy and there’s lots of help available if you aren’t able to shift it yourself. With Saturn in harmony with the Full Moon, you are being supported in your efforts to stabilize and find balance between your will and your relationships.


Pluto is reverberating and still in flow with Mercury, illuminating hidden information and revealing secrets that can fill in blank spots or shift a narrative completely, once you have all the information. Detective work and deep explorations are favored if you’re willing to dig into dark corners where shadowy material can be buried. When you’re willing, you are ripe and ready for a breakthrough that will set you free and change your life.


Oct 10 – Venus opposite Chiron, allows the Master Healer to continue awakening you to matters of the heart that are calling for attention, that begin with valuing your Self. What about You? Compassion for yourself, your

loved ones, others, and all sentient Beings figures prominently.

Oct 11 – First, Sun trines Saturn is good for assessing your current status with a realistic perspective. What’s working, what’s not working, where are you going, what’s needed? Practical planning, methodical actions favored. Do the next right thing. You will feel clear and organized.


Oct 11 – Later, Mars square diffuse Neptune abandons the left brain and moves into the imagination, beyond “what is” to infinite potential or somewhere over the rainbow. Tap into your Higher Self, spiritual practices, creativity, nature, leisure, rest, or any form of spiritual care. Don’t focus on detailed work or left-brained activities, which will likely prove frustrating and unproductive.


Oct 12 – Mercury opposite Jupiter – the third meeting of these planets since late Aug, which may bring the conclusion of a story, info you were seeking, a vision you had, good news or something shows up now that expands your horizons (yes!).


Saturn (status quo) is still squaring Uranus (innovation) for the next week, which you can see by ongoing conflicts of all kinds and weather events. It will be wondrous to witness our evolving world as old, archaic structures crumble and cutting-edge creations arise that express the emerging culture that will be birthed. It’s right around the corner (relatively speaking).


All the chaos, all the change and letting go, it’s all been rehearsal. You know how to do this. You are getting ready for a major shift in Spring 2023. More to come…


“Pro tip: You don’t deserve anything. It’s all one big giant gift.” ~ Brian Gleason,


As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

© 2022 Lisa E Zimmerman. All rights reserved.


Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an empowered, meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️


Weekly Forecast for August 5, 2022 Cosmic Consciousness Edition

Lisa E Zimmerman Cosmic Consciousness Weekly







For the next few months Saturn (security, tradition) and Uranus (change, rebellion) will square each other, as you feel the pull from the past and the future – and the Full SuperMoon this week will highlight these ongoing “labor pains” that continue to midwife the New Earth.


On Aug 7, we begin the day in the dreamy Venus trine Neptune creative, spiritual flow of bliss and Divine Love, perfect for romance, communing with nature, loved ones, animals and art. By mid-day Mars squares Saturn and you may be faced with a reality check or some frustration. Plan your day accordingly and handle anything challenging methodically, with patience.


The annual Lion’s Gate portal peaks on Aug 8, as higher frequencies are available that allow you to evolve, heal, integrate and connect to your Spirit with greater access and less resistance. Attune to higher realms, be in solitude, connect with your Higher Self and trust the messages you receive during this sacred passage.


Self-doubt is the mental block that interferes most often with awakening and fully embracing spiritual empowerment. The antidote? When you get an intuitive “hit” or message, just trust it. Consider this a science experiment until you get the hang of it and see what happens…


Also on Aug 8, the Sun trines Chiron, the potential for compassionate healing or further development of your spiritual gifts. Beautiful timing. Breathe it in, drink it in, mantra: “I am open to receive.”


The Lion’s Gate is followed by an intense opposition from Venus and Pluto that you’ll feel all night into Aug 9, that indicates a power struggle or challenge to your desires/values. Could have to do with intimacy, $$, unconscious triggers, but it will show you what (if anything) needs attention if a situation arises that ruffles your feathers. Pluto rules what’s hidden and activates your most vulnerable areas. Good for shadow work, healing, breakthroughs, honesty (the antidote for drama), and deep connections.


We close the week on Aug 11 with a mix of aspects on a Full SuperMoon (very close to the Earth, so extra-potent). First, the Sun squares erratic Uranus, shaking things up, creating stress and edgy nervous systems, sudden jolts or blindsides early in the day. Expect the unexpected, either personally and/or collectively. Move slowly.


Mars sextile Neptune softens the atmosphere with dreams, inner focus, withdrawal and is the antidote to turmoil when you direct your attention deliberately to spiritual practices and peace. Wu Wei means to flow around obstacles, which is a good idea today, especially as you connect with your Higher Self to stay above the fray.


Finally, the Full SuperMoon in Aquarius is at 6:36pm PDT. Aquarius is the future-oriented sign of independence, innovation, rebellion, invention, revolution, humanitarian causes and the Greater Good. The masses. It seeks liberation from restrictions so it can create from an unbridled space.


The Full Moon has Saturn sitting on it, creating an oppressive energy of heaviness, responsibility or pressure that indicates old structures, commitments, bonds, or vows that are in place being triggered by something new or rebellious (Uranus and the North Node squaring the Moon) that is trying to release or change it. This is the pull from the past and the future I was referring to earlier and the conflict is stressful.


Another scenario is wanting to recreate your life in some way but facing obstacles relating to practical issues such as time, $$, lack of training, plans, direction and you feel stuck. This is a time to see where you feel free and where you feel limited and to assess if that’s really true (the limited part) – or if it’s programming you’ve adopted that holds you hostage. Maybe there is work you need to do to prepare for the future you desire or to develop yourself and if so, focus on that.


Personally, Uranus and the N. Node are working to break you out of old patterns that keep you frozen in time and lower expressions of your evolving Self if you aren’t able to move freely. Collectively, Uranus and the N. Node are working to liberate us from old archaic structures that are deadening.


Look at your life and what you need to focus on. What needs to go, what needs work (Saturn), what needs to change (Uranus)? Be open to what shows up in your life, the messages you receive, the opportunities that come your way. Release expectations and be available for incoming energies.


Reminder, the next Mercury Retrograde is Sept 9, so you should take care of any tech needs, car servicing or large purchases after Mercury enters Virgo and before Aug 21 (when Mercury enters its shadow period, where it will backtrack during the Retro). Click on the link for your free report.…/


This is a monumental opportunity for shapeshifting your life, transcending old patterns and beliefs and renewing your way of operating. Make the most of what’s available for YOU. The tide is beginning to turn.


As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.


© 2022 Lisa E Zimmerman. All rights reserved.


Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an empowered, meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️