Current Astro Events – June 14, 2024

Lisa E ZimmermanCosmic Consciousness Weekly

Written by Lisa E Zimmerman

Although it’s the final week of the Sun in Gemini, this is a Neptunian week with the nonlinear planet of dreams, imagination and intuition at 29º Pisces, working on your behalf, inspiring creative visions or missions of service that call you forward – or delusions that feel very real and lead you astray or escapism via addictions.

Neptune is also at work dissolving old ego structures that no longer serve you, which can leave you feeling uncertain about where you’re going. However, this is also an opening, allowing for newness to enter, even if you can’t see it yet or don’t know what it is. Endings and beginnings… 29º Pisces, preparing for 0º Aries in March 2025 – a major new beginning is on the way, even if it’s in slo-mo…

June 14 – Mercury is cazimi the Sun. Mercury in its home sign of Gemini and conjoined the Sun is a double blessing, indicating the potential for bright ideas, profound insights, wisdom or epiphanies, as well as social connections, fortuitous meetings or brilliant visions that serve your future. Magic is in the air when Mercury is in the heart of the Sun, accessing its light and its wisdom – and this can indicate the birth of a new idea or direction going forward.

June 16 – Venus square Neptune is the soft, creative, romantic, idyllic feeling of beauty, bliss, a spiritual experience or disillusionment, disappointment or deception. Either high or low, it all depends on who you are and what you do with it. Not good for a first date (you may be misled), but beautiful for spiritual practice and artistic endeavors. Adjust expectations of others, offer universal love without conditions and stay high.

Then Venus enters Cancer, that loves family, food, home, feelings and is protective of those they love. Venus in Cancer is nurturing and caring, giving quality attention to everyone it cares about and favors the past, is sentimental, loves sharing memories and enjoys celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

June 17 – This is an amazing day for connecting with another or others that you want to be close to in an emotional, feeling way. Especially if it’s creative – and it’s a fabulous day for visioning, brainstorming, creating and allowing yourself to drop into your heart and expand your consciousness beyond the confines of your left-brained mental body.

Mercury square Neptune is creative ideas, right-brained, nonlinear intuitive thinking that can guide you forward. You can make deep non-verbal connections and channel downloads from your Higher Self and whatever you make contact with. Left-brain activities are not favored (numbers, data, scheduling), as you can easily miss things, so save that for another day or double, double-check info.

Then Mercury enters Cancer and is focused on expressing feelings gently, is compassionate, caring and loves family, home, food and connecting heart to heart. Mercury in Cancer is never confrontational and is not direct, either. It will take the roundabout approach to warm up before asking for something or making a move – going sideways, like a crab :))

Next, Mercury conjoins Venus, bringing a sweetness, caring and connection that is a gift for showering blessings and good intentions on anyone verbally and/or non-verbally due to the warm Cancer energy that is undeniable. It is heart-centered and deeply caring, as you go over into the other’s world in order to align with them and connect in a real way. Give someone a gift today (and yourself) – share your heart and make a bond that resonates beyond 3D. 

June 20 – Sun square Neptune offers you yet another opportunity to experience yourself beyond the usual, expanding into a higher, nonlinear vision of your Self without the usual constraints of who you “think” you are. Dream, meditate, take a walk, a bath, go for a swim, a float – and let your mind quiet down and imagine who and what you might be and do… Old walls are coming down, even if you aren’t aware, any confusion or doubt is an indication of such. Have faith that the universe is working on your behalf to free you from the old stories that have held you captive so you can embody a new story that’s already unfolding behind the scenes…

Sun in Cancer / Summer Solstice @ 1:51pm PDT. When the Sun enters Cancer you honor your mother, your lineage, family, home (your nest), your emotional needs and how you get them met, feelings of vulnerability, emotional safety, food, tradition, nurturing and being nurtured.  

This is the ultra-sensitive sign that is focused on your personal life and getting your needs met. Cancer is the nurturer-caretaker, often with a compulsion to focus on and do for others and you need to make sure you are balanced. Are you neglecting your emotional needs for giving or receiving? If so, how can you take better care of yourself? Cancer is the sign of the mother and it is a spiritual practice to *mother* yourself in a loving way. Your well being is necessary for you to move forward with maximum potential! 

I wish you a week of discovery and connection that brings you deep fulfillment and heart-centered experiences that lead you to places you couldn’t have anticipated in advance. The mystery of the unfoldment is the magic of life. Allow it to be so for you. Wherever you are rigid, soften your edges and relax. Go to the water and let it work on you as Cancer season arrives and Neptune carries the message of the sea.  

“In order to escape from prison, one must first understand that one is in prison.” ~ Gurdjieff


“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface, but connected on the deep.” ~ William James

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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