Cosmic Channel of the Week

Jan Finley Channel of the Week

Life continues to astound, doesn’t it? Changes are coming hard and fast and make all of life a confusing blur. I know I am repeating myself but I cannot stress strongly enough to all of you the importance of self-care. The most important thing to know about self-care is what it is not. Self-care is not predicated on “I should”, “I ought to”, “It’s good for me” and so on. Not that those things are not true – there are many things we do for ourselves because they are good for us: eat healthy nutritious food, exercise, get enough sleep, and on and on. We do those things simply because they ARE good for us, so we call that maintenance.
Self-care is when we place our attention wholly and lovingly on ourselves and our bodies. Activities that delight, that help our minds become quiet and peaceful, that nurture us – those are self-care. Watching a funny movie or kitten videos, anything that slows us down and helps us return to our bodies is self-care.
And so I am told:
You humans must begin to understand the nature of this “disease”. It was never intended to be a weapon of such destruction, but an instrument of awakening. Perhaps we should have said that you must begin to understand the nature of your body. Not only is your body a perfect vehicle for your soul, it is also a powerful learning tool. You have become slaves to what you perceive as your body’s needs and desires, and this has perverted the original plan. The body is both more and less than you think. Perhaps you might ask yourself how you can serve your body rather than the everlasting emphasis on how your body serves you, often experiencing neglect, disdain and denigration as a result.
Humans have forgotten their Oneness and become over-identified in Separation. As a result, what should have united you has further divided you. The New World is coming, whether you are ready or not, and if you don’t want to recreate what you already have – again, we urge you to make conscious this extremely important layer of information. The world of Either/Or is gone. Finished. You must embrace Both/And. As you step away from separation, you must prepare to embrace unity.
Many lash out in anger at what is perceived as limitations on freedom when in fact freedom has never been more visible. Choose differently. Choose to honor the body and its profound connection to the Higher Mind.
Choose to remember that as you go, so goes all of humanity and Earth. Remember you are not separate.
The resistance to opening eyes and hearts make this lesson endlessly more difficult than it should have been. It comes whether it is wanted or not, so you must engage.
You who Light the way must stand up and take the first steps. You know this and cannot falter at this critical time/space. We stand here with you with aid and support but you must listen and pay attention. You who never thought to lead find yourselves being compelled to speak and write and create. The simplest thought, shared with another, can take root and produce fruit beyond imagining. Leading need not be in the limelight as you call it, but more powerful even in examples set, thoughts shared, open hearts and kindness.
You become Whole when you embrace the messages your body sends you. You were not sent into this Earth Experiment without tools and aid, but you have chosen to forget them or ignore them. Now at this critical juncture, you must listen in your heart to what your body tells you. Only in unity – in your body and with each other – can your truly Divine Nature reveal itself.
Spend time with your body as with a friend. Ask it how it feels, what it needs. Listen to the answers that come. They will likely surprise you. Thank your body for all that it does for you.
The world you want, the one you dream of is right in front of you. All you have to do is open the door to yourself.


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