Cosmic Channel of the Week

Jan Finley Channel of the Week

Yesterday, during her webinar, Stephanie spoke of the gathering new cycles and aspects, many of which were dominated by the Divine Feminine.  As I listened,  they began to form in my mind. The vision literally filled my mind and I saw them gathering together.   The energy that accompanied each planetary aspect of the Divine Feminine at this moment of time/space was profound in its difference.  They have been angry and frustrated, I saw, as any mother would be over the errant behavior of her children. In my mind’s eye, there was a deep calm implacability to their presence. They have done what they could to prevent complete collapse, which was a very real possibility.  Their presence has been “seeded”, for lack of a better word, within all society.  They have attempted, through patient love, to guide the power-hungry and greedy toward higher focus, while always knowing this moment would arrive.
I see them coming together, singly and in small groups, joining and separating, but always together.  This “moment” has been a long time coming, and now that it is here, they are determinedly prepared to take their rightful place.  This is no partnership although it will become one.  This is true love based authority rising before our very eyes.  We have never before seen what the Divine Feminine truly is in action. We have seen hints and suggestions but what I see coming will be remarkable.  There is an inevitability to it that will take wind out of defiant sails.
Having just recently come to see the deep and abiding power of Sisterhood between my own sisters and myself, I have some idea of what I am seeing, but I can’t even envision all that is hinted to me.  I am told “You have no idea yet!”
The archetypes we use in astrology were based on the patriarchal norms of the prevailing societies at the time.  For example, we see Saturn as authority.  What I am being told is that we are in for some big surprises.  Authority is very different than what we thought it is.  Women, they tell me, have been trying for time without memory, to stand with authority at the side of the prevailing authority.  The truth, they tell me,  is that the Divine Feminine is infinitely more than a partner.  I sincerely don’t have words for what I am seeing and I am assured that I only see a bit of what is coming.  The more I watch this unfold in my mind/heart’s eye, the more powerful it becomes.
And so I am told:
They gather in the heavens, those Sisters who have waited, prodded, suggested, infuriated, and created.  Anticipation fills their hearts for they know the time has come to usher in the New World, and new it is, lest you be dismayed by appearances.  They gather, relaxed in the knowing that the moment has arrived.  Those who speak with their voices are ready to rise.. From every direction they come, united in purpose and direction.  Patiently they have waited throughout time and space for this moment to arrive. All have known of its coming and yet He continues to resist. Power has seduced him, mesmerized him, blinded him.  Still may he cling to what he believes is his, yet hers is the last word. The heart power of sisterhood will prevail. The Divine Feminine has arisen in all her glory.
Prepare to be astonished for this will be like nothing seen before. Illusion will vanish, her power a welcome change from what has been viewed as power.  Even those who resist will fall before her Glory.

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