Cosmic Channel of the Week

Jan Finley Channel of the Week

Our world continues to twist and turn in jaw-dropping ways, and we all watch, mesmerized, waiting for the next big *thing*. Real-time tv has become, well, real. Right?
But at the same time, our lives continue to happen as well. Jobs, relationships, all the demands of “real” life demand attention. Our lives haven’t stopped because the world is on fire, but sometimes it feels like the balls we are juggling and the need to keep our eyes on all of them and the environment around us is becoming just too much.
It is time to take moment to rest, recharge and reboot. Time to remember that we are more than our circumstances.
We just experienced a holiday weekend, the birth of our nation. Many have mixed feelings about the direction our nation is heading right now so I would suggest to all you that you take a break from *what is* and instead take time to be thankful for what we want to bring into being. There is much that is miraculous and hopeful and inspiring also happening right now. Much of it is quiet and certainly not covered by the news, but take comfort from the knowing that we are birthing the New World simultaneously as the old one is dying.   When your energy and focus are placed there and anchored deeply within your own heart, you will find you can negotiate these difficult passages with much more comfort and ease.
Each small step we take within our own lives move us forward into the New World, the world we want to actively co-create. No heart centered action should be considered too small or insignificant. Who knows what small step might catch the eye of another who then also begins to embody that heart centered living? And on and on and on.
Release your fear and embrace this newness, this fresh opportunity to be more of who you came here to be. We aren’t through the twists and turns yet, and while we can’t know what is coming, we can prepare our hearts and spirit by learning to surrender to what is.   We know we are in transition. We don’t know how that will play out. We do know that we have control over our thoughts and to a great degree, how we react.
We are reaching the end of this eclipse passage. Do not look for things to “get better” (whatever that is!!). Instead, put your focus on accepting everything with equanimity. If we learn nothing else from all of *this*, we must learn to accept every circumstance exactly as it is. Remember to breathe and come home to your heart.
Your heart is truly your home. There you are safe and all is well. Your heart puts you in direct contact with your Higher Self and those who guard, guide and love you. You are never alone, though it may seem so now and then. The wheat is separating from the chaff and this experience, this learning must complete itself. Allow yourself the birth of newness within you that you might “see” the world and your place within it in a new and beautiful light. Light indeed.
Some will stay, some will go. This is true no matter what the external circumstances. It is how life on earth was designed and created – for now. The New World is being created with every heart centered breath you take. Let that be your touchstone and your inspiration.


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