Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Loved ones, we greet you and today we tell you that we have been cradling humanity. You are correct. Things are speeding up and with that, it seems, more and more tragedy is "appearing". We cannot say this more clearly - it is absolutely time NOW to apply what you have come to know.

In many of your cases, for years in your dimensional time reality, the messages have been coming. They are not JUST messages. They are truth, and these truths that we have spoken have foretold times when humanity's karma would be coming due en masse. That time is now.

Given this, the moment is upon each of you to reach deep within to remember all that you know now, and apply it. Remember that we have told you about the veils of illusion. Remember THAT YOU REMEMBER. See through the "hue-man appearances", and allow your soul to guide you in your humanness. Humanity needs courageous ones to look to who will not fret as their world continues to shift and transform toward radical love. Not radical in the extremist sense - but radical in the basic, most fundamental of ways.

Who and what you are IS love. However, the material world of "man" has become so attached to its own makings that it literally has forgotten how that is even possible. All that you have, are, and know is possible through love. That love has you here experiencing the experience as the experiencer. Otherwise, you could have remained a star in your own galaxy somewhere. Instead, you chose to separate from yourself to love yourself more... in the form of your selves. But, oh how you have all forgotten that you are EACH expressions of the same God, the same Universal Life Force Energy, the same... CREATOR.


You are love of the highest order. This is ABSOLUTE AND ULTIMATE, SUPREME TRUTH. That you get to experience that is an absolute choice. You have been seeing much tragedy, hurt, and seeming destruction and chaos. So what are you choosing, then, to see? If you were to remember on any level who you are, you would not only see, but you would trust that all is well in all ways always. However, if you give in to the creations OF man, you become human, rather than hue-man.

To be hue-man means to be IN the world knowing you are not OF it.

That is where the beauty lies. That is where you peek through the veil of the material world and see past humans, and instead see the hues that created ALL of it. But this takes courage. This is a courage that IS innate in you, so long as you are willing to remember that this life is NOT AT ALL all there is. In fact, this life is but a speck of dust to not only the the extents of who and what YOU are, but it is also merely and LITERALLY the blink of an eye compared to the rest of the show.

But to FULLY remember this, you must surrender your resistance now to the Supreme Energy that created the Whole Game. To do so, you MUST accept that the Supreme Energy created ALL of it FOR you.


Humanity has created all of its issues over the large expanse you call time. Its refusal to recognize this was also a built-in part of the game... built-in in the sense that it was known from the beginning that man would deny creating its issues, but that eventually mankind would come around to ensure that the race would not self-destruct. So do not give up or give in to the temptations to want to give up. This is your time to shine. It is your absolute destiny to see through all of this, and you will be all the stronger for it.

Before we leave you to sit in the energy of the truth in this transmission, we would like to offer you something. So, if you would in a moment, take a deep breath and close your eyes after you sit with the energy of the next few sentences here, and before you return to your "routines". We promise you, in this moment right now, that if you return to your routine in truth, more truth will return to you and all you affect. So, understand this - our love for you goes beyond time, space, and limited thinking. It is timeless, spaceless, and well... well... well beyond mortal. Our love for you is as strong as the love that created you, because we are remembering from whence we and you come. Are you?

So close your eyes now, take a breath, and when you open your eyes again, open instead to the truth of this love... and see love. For that is what you are, that is from whence you come, and that is to what you will return when the next "blink of an eye" is over. Until then, we love you, and always will.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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