THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/18/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Light-bearers, it is time to wield the sword of gratitude in very big ways. We have told you with great repetition that to get what you want or desire, you must first be grateful for what you had. It is possible that some may have misunderstood us. We were not simply talking about your personal lives. Look now to the bigger picture, the grander scale.

The likes of your Earth world seem to be crying out to the light-bearing community first and foremost to HOLD the light. Hence, ...


Turn not your heads in disgust from worldly affairs, or disparage our message to you now. The value here is large, the investment is small overall, and the return is exponential. You see, you are being asked to view without buying in, to watch without panic, to witness without despair.


We need not remind you over and over. You already know this. However, for now, while you believe you still need the reminding, we shall oblige. The path through this torrent of affairs is through it...


If you can remember during these affairs that all is well and nothing is not well, you would be doing such a great service to your planet and your fellow planetary compatriots. See, there are TWO major differences here between you and the rest of the planet's inhabitants. First, you have been exposed to these teachings now. Second, you just happen to be more awake than most. So, you must apply what you know, and see this thing through to the end.

If you haven't already figured it out, though times seem rough for many, lightworkers with ANY sort of higher consciousness need not suffer the way humanity is right now. In fact, the lightworking market is set to explode for many - especially and specifically those who are NOT buying into the dramas out there.

Those who are sitting still enough to recognize that what is happening now is EVERYTHING that has been foretold for the dawning of the Golden Age to birth will find gratitude for these events. Though you may not think you were prepared for the world you are witnessing, believe us when we tell you, "Yes you have been." And if you can head toward gratitude for it all, you will find great benefit by remaining present.

Only dated and false neural networks in the brain would classify anything going on in your world now as a tragedy.


You absolutely know the way, and yet sometimes refuse to acknowledge it. The reason being, you are comfortable in the ways of old. However, we encourage you now, step out of the shadows of false comfort, engage the Sacred Heart, and live in the New World NOW.

Yes, you can live in the New World NOW! So there is no reason to keep choosing ANYTHING less than this. Remember, remember, remember. Awake, awake, awake. The time for slumbering in the consciousness of old is over. Your destiny has arrived. You may be reticent to believe it is here due to promises of a "time to come" in past incarnations. However, THIS is the incarnation you dreamed of, were told about, and sought after from yesteryear.

Worry not, our humble companions. We have you.  It is absolutely safe to step forward now in full surrender, trust, and knowledge of the heart. The world requires your gratitude now to act as the Bridge of Truth that anchors the promise, and leads all parts back to the ONE whole.

So do not any longer ask questions. Instead, come now through the temple of truth and step into the brilliance of your magnificence. The world has been awaiting your return, and we are grateful to have your remembrance.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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