THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/18/2017

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


You are undoubtedly in the wave of an emotional aftermath. Lately, it has seemed to be one week after another of tragedy, mourning, fear, and threats. Are you buying into all of this? First, it is imperative that we say this to you - we COMPLETELY understand that it all FEELS real. And it is - whilst you are there. But you needn't fear ANY of it.

At this juncture, you need only resolute faith. Faith is better than any belief because belief requires thought and the mind, whilst faith does not. Faith transcends thought and the egoic mind. It quite literally ascends beyond thinking. True faith comes from the depths of you that KNOW from whence you truly come. Faith undergirds you entirely, lest you forget it. And, truth be told, even when you do forget, generally something eventually finds you and reminds you enough to get you back on the correct path.

When we say "correct path" it almost implies that you can be on a path that is invalid, or the "wrong" one. This is one of the few impossibilities of the limited 3D world. When we refer to "correct path", we are referencing the way you feel about it, not the physical journey itself. You are ALWAYS on the correct path as far as the physical journey of living and dying are concerned. How can you not be? You came here to experience, and experience you shall. What you do with that experience in your choice of perception is entirely up to you. After all, you are a God-being.

Now, remembering that you are in times of great challenge requires great inner fortitude and courage to match, neutralize and eventually overcome the challenges. This is the path, and it keeps coming until your last breath on this plane. Perhaps your acceptance of this is still yet to come. When it does, if it has yet to find you, your experience of everything will simply begin to shift. Re-read this last paragraph and see if you begin to feel any different in your body as you do.

You see, these transmissions are 2% words and 98% pure, energetic transmission that penetrates directly through the aura, and into the Sacred Heart of mankind, WHEN you ALLOW this. But it is up to you TO allow. We understand... another paradox.

Here is what we suggest. As we have stated, you are in great emotional upheaval at this time. However, if souls allowed their humanness to FULLY feel the disappointment, sadness, anger and even the rage that it has suppressed for far too long, you would collectively move the distastefulness through your world's system in no time. However, due to mass resistance it will persist until you are all ready as the collective to shift together.

This does not mean that individuals (you, for example) cannot shift as they (you) each realize that they (you) must. It just means that many souls will still choose not to. Your job, then, is to remain neutral within you about their choices. Just watch. Do not give into more illusion. You are all here TO feel, period. Feeling IS the experience of humanness and the temple your soul was given to exist in for a time.

After all the MATH was done and you looked at all your options, you knew being human was the greatest of gifts and you chose this... again. Are you remembering at all? It is ok. It will come. In the meantime, if you are not already realizing the power of the pun, you might want to have a look at something that maybe will shift you. You did the analysis. You knew how difficult this path would be. You quite literally did the equations. In the "after MATH", you still chose to come and experience this life for all the growth it had to offer you within all of the paradox of this duality you found yourself in.

But why? Quite honestly, and simply? Because with all of its trials and tribulations, your temporaneous world is absolutely beautiful and stunning also. So your mission is to not allow ANYTHING to ever take that from you. It is quite simply the duality you live in that makes your beautiful experience of it possible. And that might just be the most powerful paradox of them all. Sit with this, be with this, and in your meditations send love from your heart to every area of the world that appears to need it. You ARE that powerful.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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