The Moon

The Moon in your birth chart reveals the way you respond to everything you experience. Together with the Sun, it is one of the Lights, and it generates your subconscious awareness of your environment. The Moon’s sign reveals a great deal about your emotional nature, what you need at the deepest level of your Being, what makes you feel complete. Its energies are erratic, with an ebb and flow motion, like the tides, which it rules over. The Moon, in fact, has domain over all fluids on the planet. As the Earth’s only satellite, the Moon represents our connection to all the other planetary energies, and we use its receptive force to process our emotions and determine how we feel about anything and everything we encounter. The Moon therefore produces our most deeply rooted emotional needs and hungers, and determines the ways in which we will seek to nurture and fulfill those needs.

Key ideas associated with the Moon: The Moon is the producer of all emotional currents, resulting in your moods, your ever changing impressions, and all of your feelings. It rules over memory, intuition, subtle perceptions, psychic awareness, self-reflection, sensitivity to others, nurturing, caring, food and nutrition, security or insecurity, your home base and the domestic environment of your early childhood, your ancestry, and the Soul. The Moon represents your Mother in your birth chart, as well as the kind of mother you will be. It also symbolizes all women in your life, and the way you personally feel about them.

The Transiting Moon: Brings increased sensitivity and fluctuation to the area of your life (the house) it is passing through. Because the Moon travels so quickly through the zodiac, it produces the constantly changing emotional atmosphere of your day-to-day life. The Moon’s special relationship with the Sun results in the many lunar phases that everyone on Earth resonates with. This repetitive cycle provides a familiar structure for your Soul’s existence in this world. The Moon stirs up intuitive and psychic awareness, and non-verbal communication is heightened while it is visiting any planet or point in your chart.

Ruler of the Sign: Cancer
Ruler of the natural: 4th House
Time in each Sign: About 2 1/2 days
Time to travel through all the Signs: 28-29 days
Retrograde cycle: The Moon does not go Retrograde.