The Sun

The Sun in your birth chart reveals the way you identify yourself. Together with the Moon, it is known as one of the Lights, and it generates our waking consciousness at the most personal individual level. The sign and house your Sun is placed in are your lifelong landmarks, the most comfortable and familiar ways for you to focus your energies. The Sun in your natal chart indicates how access to your vital life force, personal power and limitless creativity. The Sun confers confidence and talent, and through your own personal experiences, causes you to discover the leadership capacity within. Depending on the way you utilize the vital power the Sun offers you, the personal vibration of your individuality will emerge over the years and shine forth throughout the course of your lifetime. It is the symbol of your Ego.

Key ideas associated with the Sun: The desire to be recognized for your unique talents and creativity, your personal strength, confidence, pride, leadership qualities, radiance, vitality, the power of your personality; your innate gifts, natural expression. The Sun is the way you act before you start thinking and feeling. The Sun represents the Father (especially in childhood), and the men in your life.

The Transiting Sun: Lights up the area of your life (the house) it is moving through, bringing new energy and conscious awareness to everything it touches. When the transiting Sun moves over a planet in your birth chart, it vitalizes that planet’s energies, and stimulates new awareness and creativity with regard to that planet’s expression in your life. The Sun’s transit always deals with Identity issues at the most personal level.

Ruler of the Sign: Leo
Ruler of the natural: 5th House
Time spent in each Sign: About 30 days
Time to travel through all the Signs: One year
Retrograde cycle: The Sun does not go Retrograde.