The Transpersonal Planets

These three ‘outer’ planets represent the path to higher consciousness that is available to every human being on the planet. The energies of these planets are vibrating at a higher frequency, and so their effects are not always immediately obvious. However, whether we are aware of these ‘higher’ promptings or not, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are always working on us, bringing us to the willingness to step onto the path of our own evolution and urging us to become aware of the connectedness that exists amongst all of us. In this way we can Know the universal forces that bind us together here on Earth, and understand the power and meaning of our Oneness.

The Transpersonal planets represent three profound and eventually undeniable urges that we all experience: Intuitive awareness (Uranus), Enlightenment (Neptune), and the Metamorphosis of Self that results from these experiences (Pluto). These planets are slow moving and can take a very long time to manifest their true purposes in our lives, but they function to the best of their ability, whether we are conscious and ready to accept them into our lives or not.

The conscious experience of these planetary energies is very different from the unconscious experience, and because these planets represent such evolutionary forces, they can be quite uncomfortable to deal with when we are resisting them. Uranus can produce a jolt or a sudden turn in the life that can pull the rug out from under us. This leaves us on our behinds when we were once standing tall, and though that can sting, it is designed to get us to look at our lives from a new perspective, thereby awakening us to new possibilities. Neptune can descend upon us like a mist or a cloud, diminishing our awareness and even blinding us to what is real, and this process magnifies the more we resist it. But the lack of clarity is designed to cause us to walk without our senses to guide us. Faith is a profound experience when Neptune is strongly focused, and eventually we may come to realize that because we are creating our realities with our own thoughts and beliefs, we have the power to change those thoughts and thereby change our worlds. Pluto can put us through Hell, taking away what we think we want or need the most, forcing us to learn to let go and surrender to a more potent and All-Knowing greater good. The rebirth that ensues can truly show us the meaning of personal power.

The more conscious we are of the methods by which these universal forces operate, the more decidedly we can progress along the path to higher consciousness and human advancement. When these planets function, they generally affect large groups of us simultaneously (their actions are generational). The very presence of these forces and our knowledge of them automatically produce a greater awareness, and once we become conscious of that, we Know we have stepped onto the evolutionary path and can not turn back.