Emotional Power

 6 o’clock

Main Purpose:  Where you allow yourself to feel your feelings as Energy in motion..



June 20 – July 21


Cancer is the sign of Emotional Power in Cosmic Astrology, and the emotions are possibly the most misunderstood of our subtle energy bodies. If we compare our emotions to the water on the planet, we discover the true relationship of our emotional and physical bodies. Water comprises 70% of the planet AND 70% of our bodies. The water on the planet is mostly contained within the ocean, which is the greatest metaphor for universal consciousness. The rivers on the planet carry the water back to the ocean. Water flows freely everywhere on Earth. This is what your emotions are meant to do. When you allow yourself the full experience of your emotions, without judging them or holding on to them, they take you back to your heart center.  Cancer is called Inner Harmony in this new system. Allowing your Self to feel all your emotions fully is the ultimate expression of this aspect of consciousness. The Crab becomes the Mother, the source of all nurturing and heartfelt experience.


Cancer is the 6 o’clock hour, corresponding to the 3rd house of the birth chart.  The 3rd house is where you communicate your knowledge and speak your Truth. This is not possible without mind/heart integration. In this portion of your energy field you learn to allow your emotions free reign by letting them be what they are. They are a most primal source of energy, arising from the very core of your being) and  delivering you to the crown chakra where you commune with Source. Life is like a heartbeat. It constantly goes up and down. Getting used to allowing the ups and downs of your feelings will help you to move past the fear-based responses you have developed, and your emotional power is released.


Wherever Cancer is in your birth chart you are meant to feel your feeling to the fullest. Typically there are inhibitions and constraints around doing so, but that is the very purpose of this placement… to move yourself past the fears that obstruct your emotions like a dam in the river, and  avoid  the dis-ease that can result. If your Sun sign is Cancer you are here to learn to put your feelings first, to nurture your Self fully and realize your capacity to do the same for others. Letting your Self just BE is where your truest mastery lies.


Famous Cancers


George W. Bush, Princess Diana, Richard Branson,  Dalai Lama, Tom Hanks, Ringo Starr, Ernest Hemingway,  Estee Lauder, Meryl Streep, Helen Keller, Nelson Mandela, Mary McAleese, Oscar Hammerstein II, R. Buckminster Fuller