Spiritual Wisdom

2 o’clock

Main Purpose: Where you work on expanding more and more fully into your Self until  universal consciousness is reached.



February 19 – March 19



Pisces is the sign of Divine Mastery, and it is here that you learn to be all that you are meant to be. In this part of your energy field you can find the inner territory that you have not had access to before. You go above and beyond, deeper and deeper still; and eventually realize that your inner landscape is as limitless as the cosmos appears to be. In the Cosmic Astrology system, Pisces represents the ocean of consciousness, which is an infinite field of possibilities. You must explore the vastness of your being on a continual basis if you are to have the experience of knowing your Self. It is here in the Piscean aspect of your consciousness that you can fathom all that you are. You encounter your self-imposed limitations and learn to go beyond them to have the ultimate experience of your limitless Self. It is here that the 3D duality of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions becomes the ocean in which everything exists. This is where integrating duality becomes possible.


Pisces is the 2 o’clock hour on the cosmic clock, and it corresponds to the 7th house of the birth chart. The 7th house is where you experience significant relationships, which provide the mirror for you to Self-realize, that is to understand that everything ‘out there’ is a reflection of your own consciousness. Relationships provide the opportunity to transcend duality at all times. This is the true beginning of Mastery, to take responsibility for all that you experience and come to know your Self according to what you create.


Wherever Pisces is in your birth chart you must find the freedom to go deeply into your own core motivations to realize yourself more fully than ever before. Pisces is often referred to as ‘selfless,’ because it is difficult for the sign of universal consciousness to locate its self in the Oneness of everything. Yet that is exactly what this field of consciousness offers. If your Sun sign is Pisces it is your soul’s intention to explore all the limitless uncharted territory that you contain within you, without doubting your greatness or holding too tightly to your past. You are here to master your Self by knowing your Self as fully as possible.


Famous Pisces

Elizabeth Taylor, Tammy Faye Bakker, Drew Barrymore, Alexander Graham Bell, W.H. Auden, Glenn Close, Kurt Cobain, Albert Einstein, Chaz Bono, Ron L. Hubbard, Quincy Jones, Ted Kennedy, Jane Goodall, Rupert Murdoch, Bernadette Peters, George Harrison, Nicolaus Copernicus, Rudolf Nureyev