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A few months ago, the Divine Masculine grounded and began to embody itself fully in our solar system,
and specifically on our planet as Gaia prepares for her ascension. It would not be at all inaccurate to see
this as the Divine Masculine making Love to Gaia, tending to her needs as she labors and prepares to
birth the new world.
Today, December 28, 2019, is another major step in the embodiment and fulfillment of the Divine
Masculine! Mercury (the ascension archetype for the Divine Masculine) joins Ixion (our life’s purpose,
the promise our soul made before incarnating, the new order) conjunct the Galactic Center (the black
hole, step-down generator at the center of our Milky Way galaxy) And there is much more to this!

Mercury/Divine Masculine/Sacred Mind enters the sign Capricorn this evening at 11:55 PM EST.
Capricorn is the sign of spiritual power and manifesting Heaven on Earth. Mercury moves swiftly and will
quickly be sweeping through the power house of ascension archetypes currently in Capricorn that
 Quaoar (Quaoar is the higher octave of Mercury! Quaoar is the archetype of the ability to form
original thought; to think with the heart; and new and unprecedented intuitive perception)
 Jupiter (Jupiter and the Sun are conjunct today)
 Sun (your soul Self; consciousness)
 Ceres (the midwife of the ascension)
 Arrokoth (Beyond the known world)
 Arawn (Bringer of the Light) (Arrokoth and Arawn are conjunct each other right now!)
 Saturn (the action of manifesting Heaven on earth; structure; Self-discipline)
 Pluto (the phoenix contemplating the body of its beliefs, and the world it has built from those
beliefs, then Self-immolating itself in the fires of unconditional Love; creating a new ascension
body for itSelf and flying away to the archetypal “land of milk and honey”)
 Chariklo (gentle, giving; understanding; devotion; female boundaries)
Mercury is currently traveling out of bounds, which means he is bringing in totally new Language of Light frequencies that have never been available to humanity before. And while out of bounds, he will
conjunct his own higher octave archetype Quaoar (ability to think with the heart)! The frequencies and
messages of the Language of Light that Mercury brings back to us when he comes back into the ecliptic
are going to be pretty amazing! The Divine Masculine is in high gear in service and co-creative
partnership to the Divine Feminine/Sacred Heart indeed <3
The even deeper, more profound backdrop to this ascension embodiment activity of the Divine
Masculine is that we are currently in a wormhole where we each individually have access to quantum
leaps in consciousness and right action guided by the Divine Feminine/heart. When we’re in something
as unpredictable, powerful, and incredible as a wormhole, my best suggestion is to simply intend your
highest good and outcome and let your True God Self orchestrate your best and highest interests! This is
ascension business – our Higher Selves know exactly how to handle all this energy.
This entire massive, archetypal process is embodying the Age of Aquarius. In just a few weeks swift
moving Mercury enters Aquarius on January 17, 2020, having activated each of the planetary archetypes
in Capricorn one by one. Mercury will quickly move through Aquarius and into Pisces, the archetype of
Source Energy/God/Great Mystery/however you conceive of The All That Is. Just one month after
entering and moving completely through Aquarius and then into Pisces, on February 17 Mercury will
turn retrograde while in Pisces. All retrograde motion is turning back toward God/Source Energy.
Retrograde periods are good events! They are only as disruptive as we resist the Plan of our True Divine
Selves. The Divine Mind/Masculine moving back toward Source Energy can only be a good thing for our
souls’ paths, especially if we are wise enough to surrender (and back up our computers and check the air
in our tires). Mercury turning back toward Source Energy while in the archetypal sign of Source Energy!
Just say YES! And give thanks for the unfolding of the Divine Plan <3
The Divine Masculine/Mercury finishes the retrograde movement on March 10 th in the master degrees
of Aquarius and completes the whole retrograde process of bringing these ascension frequencies of
Light back to us here in our laboring and transforming world on March 30, 2020. Let’s keep in mind that
the Divine Masculine’s fairly swift journey both out of bounds and retrograde to bring us frequencies
and ascension activations from the Language of Light is occurring over the back drop of the INTENSE
TRANSFORMATIONAL PHOENIXING frequencies of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, with
Saturn/Heaven on Earth specifically at home in the master degrees of Capricorn.
On March 23, a week before Mercury completes its entire retrograde process on March 30 th ,
Saturn/manifesting Heaven on Earth enters the sign of Aquarius – the archetypal Age of Aquarius. Here’s
the karaoke so you can burst into song – you know you want to do it! Ceres, the midwife archetype, is, of course, also in
Aquarius. Venus, the Divine Feminine archetype, is at home in her natural sign of Taurus, an earth sign
of embodiment and manifestation.
Virgo is the archetype of the Mother of Christ Consciousness, so I looked to see what planets (actors)
might be in Virgo on March 23. That day Orcus will be at 11 Virgo – the master number of Christ
Consciousness. Orcus will also be in retrograde motion back toward Source. Orcus is the part of each
and every one of us that is connected at a higher level of consciousness with our eternal Selves. How
does that feel to you? Are you ready to give birth to Christ Consciousness within yourself?


Pamela Chamberlynn © Permission to share article in its entirety with credit to author