Jupiter Chiron Bridge Cosmic Consciousness

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

There is so much going on it’s hard to keep track. The Jupiter in Virgo/Chiron in Pisces bridge opened a passageway leading to lots of healing and Wholing. According to homeopathic theory, sometimes during a healing one feels worse as the remedy goes deep within and brings up that which must be cleared. I myself felt a cold coming on, feeling very drained on Friday. I had a gig with my band on Saturday, for which I pulled up all my energy, and it went well. Even partied a little. On Sunday, I lost my voice completely, although I felt ok. By Monday (the New Moon) the congestion progressed into my throat and chest, leaving me with a dry cough and a splitting headache. Remedies and hot teas arehelping, but I am still clearing. Mars, ruler of the physical body, has been making contact in a bridge with Sedna, the recordkeeper. Our bodies are recordkeepers too, storing e-motions, beliefs, judgements and trauma as pain and illness, and these need to come up for clearing as well. The more we allow these clearings to occur by giving ourselves the space to nourish ourselves through rest, good nutrition, wholistic remedies and positive energies, the more deeply they will clear.