Uranus and Astraea

Sonreya Cosmic Consciousness Articles

Written by Pamela Chamberlynn


Uranus Astraea new cycle. Uranus went retrograde back on August 8, 2018 last year at the very same degree 3 Taurus where he now meets Astraea to start a new cycle. This feels VERY powerful in my heart! He just turned direct this past January 6, 2019. I also see that Uranus went retrograde at the degree he now meets Astraea on to start a new cycle on an “8” day both dates, August 8 and April 8, the number of transformation and ascension. This feels VERY powerful in my heart!

We need a new gender pronoun. Spirit tells me that all the planetary archetypes are wholing now. What are you picking up on this? Everything, everyone, is wholing. First, it begins as each individual chooses to forgive their fragmentation into duality within themselves and becomes whole – anima and animus; Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Inconjunctio; HeartMind. Then, whole beings join with whole beings. This reminds me of the Abraham-Hicks passage defining “Life Partners” (who are not just romantic or sexual partners): “When two beings, who are individually in vibrational harmony with their own Source Energy, come together – the physical experience of Co-Creation is at its very best.”  – Abraham-Hicks 10/06/1996.

The wholeness of Astraea – and the wholeness of Uranus – coming together inconjunctio also brings to mind conversations I have had with my Self and my guides and with spiritual friends who are wonderful people who would like to have a life partner and do not know why they do not have this partnership they FEEL in their hearts as something a great value to them. I know I withdrew from romantic partnerships back in my late forties just because I found them so painful and knew that I was too wounded myself to be very effective in one of them. I knew I needed to work deeply on myself. You can do that inside of or outside of a romantic partnership of course, perhaps more easily on your own than in an ego-driven romantic relationship. For me it was like “Just take your hand off the hot stove, Pam. There are easier ways to learn.”

It has been coming to me in the past few years that I am now whole (enough) to enter into a joyful, co-creative partnership in service to the world. That intuitive feeling is especially strong now that the world is in such massive transition and the call to maximize service is so poignant. I don’t need a partner. That’s one of the nice things about being whole (enough). I enjoy my own company and living alone. But boy is sacred partnership calling me this past year! It is not a call of need, lack, or wanting. There is no need in it at all – just a soft, sure calling to Love. It is a call from wholeness to join with wholeness, to co-create. We’ll see where that goes. Life partnerships can take many forms, not just romantic. Not by chance this Uranus Astaea new cycle is just inside my 7th house.

Spirit tells me that it is time now for the people who are wholing to join in wholeness with other wholing people and beings. I am hearing just now – “Two by two, they enter the Ark.” – and I know Spirit is not talking about a boat. All things in their time – Fragments of a healing soul come back together; two halves become whole; two wholes … Spirit is showing me the egg and sperm merging into Oneness in a spark of Light (that spark of light really does happen at the moment of conception when the sperm enters the egg! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovzGmRrtVys ) and then co-create a zygote. The zygote contains all of the genetic information necessary to form a new, unique individual. That new individual born from wholeness, and therefore itself whole now creates two more wholes that each in turn keep multiplying exponentially. All the wholes created from the original two wholes maintain their wholeness and integrity throughout the gestation of the new world, and yet they are also each unique. Like-minded whole individuals attract other like-minded whole individuals to share specific functions and purposes in co-creating a new world, just as the dividing cells of a human or animal fetus form specific organs and body parts that share a purpose to become a new baby. This is not fragmentation or any loss of whole Self. THIS IS WHOLING. Oneness and connection to the whole and every part of the whole are fully maintained as each wholeness individualizes into its unique expressions of its wholeness. Perhaps what is birthed is Christ consciousness; perhaps the second coming of Christ consciousness as each of us re-awaken to our God Christ Selves.  “When two beings, who are individually in vibrational harmony with their own Source Energy, come together – the physical experience of Co-Creation is at its very best.”