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                 Quaoar/Earth Star Communion Begins

Stephanie’s Master Class entitled The Political Landscape of 2020 took place on March 7. It was a lot of fun looking at all the relevant charts and possibilities… You can purchase the MP4 RIGHT HERE.  (Fee: $35)

Stephanie’s Cosmic Consciousness Certification Course is underway again and all are welcome.  If you would like to join the class, there is room and I would love to have you!  Please email me at for details…

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In the middle of all the chaos being wreaked by the Corona Virus with the big question mark around it, this day sees the beginning of a long term communion between Quaoar and the Earth Star Karmic Node. This meeting is long term and occurs at 4 degrees of Capricorn and change. It beings the lower degree Power crossroad into full focus, and on April 4, when Chiron and Salacia come together, ALSO at 4 Aries and change, the crossroad brings tremendous capacity for change.
“Quaoar rules manifestation- it is where we bring into being that which we desire. You can channel its deep space transpersonal properties to transform your experience of reality. Within Quaoar’s mythology, it is a seen as a creation force. This force is alive and well within all of us and we use it every day mostly without conscious awareness. Once you learn to harness this energy and work with it, you can literally create your own personal reality that lines up with your highest intentions. You can do this by tapping into your sensory acuity, the source of intuition, and letting it guide you .This is the path of joyful creation, discovering the unified field and interconnectedness of all then using that knowledge to bring about a brighter future. (”
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