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The stresses are getting to me tonight, and so I am taking the day off. In my stead, I offer you the latest channel from my Teacher, Derek O’Neill, entitled “Corona Virus; An Act of Love”

A Channeled Message from the Lads

Hello People of the World,
I’ve just come back from a meditation where I was visited by the Beings I call ‘the Lads’ or ‘Masters’, with a message for humanity. That message is that truth will begin to show up in more and more places and that the coronavirus truly is a messenger to bring people back into their own power. To take their power into their own hands, and not be dis-empowered to so many institutions, organizations and governments, who have been holding our future and our lives in their hands.
Mother Nature has not released this virus to hurt or harm us. It was released to wake us up to what’s been going on in all of our lives. There is nobody on the planet innocent of what has been going on. Each and every one of us, through our laziness, lack of understanding or ignorance, have been playing our part in manifesting and creating this virus.
The coronavirus, as I say, is a messenger and the message, strangely enough, is a message of Love! To love one another, to honor one another, in sickness and in health. I know it sounds like a marriage vow but that’s what they said. It’s a marriage of consciousness to the unconscious.
The unconscious is the creator of a lot of our stuff. Our repressed fears, anxieties, greed, jealousy and envies have been the incubator, the soil in which this virus has grown from. And the way to kill it is to kill off all of those ideas of me, me, me, and change them to we, we, we.
What that means, as I understand it is, that now is truly the time to come together in cooperation and not competition, to use our creativity for the ‘we’ not just ‘me’. We are not being asked to stay in our homes for our own sake, we are actually being asked to stay in for the sake of everybody. That is true ‘we action’ in movement, a true act of love.
We are now being called to come together in this great time – specifically with an opportunity to be still and to be quiet, so we can find out on a deeper level; who we truly are, the purpose of life is, why we have taken birth, and what we have forgotten that is now so important to un-forget, so we can surface the soul essence of who we truly are.
Our greatest teacher, guru and guide lies within. We have all been taught to bypass our gut feeling to our own detriment. In the past, we have bypassed our feelings to profit in some way, by stepping out of integrity. No longer should we bypass that gut feeling. We are truly being called to task. We are being asked to earn our money honestly, to earn our livelihoods honestly, to earn our livelihoods without damaging Mother Nature in unnecessary ways. Mother Nature enjoys when we turn her soil so that she can produce the vegetables and fruit that can keep us sustained in this very powerful and loving way.
It is now time for us to completely understand that we can do this. When we learn to be more conscious of how, where and when we do things, we will not repeat the destructive ways of the past. We can start today. How? By going to our hearts. When our hearts and our minds are connected, we can embody the truth of ‘hands that help are holier than lips that pray’. It is important to recognize that, ‘lips that pray’ is also a vital part of what is going on.
All the great teachings tell us that everything came from the ‘word’ (sound/vibration/frequency), even if you call that ‘word’ the Big Bang. If you believe in a God, do you really think that God cares what ‘word’ you call it? Or what name or form you define it as? If you do, you are delusional because all names and all forms are God. Now is the time for unification not separation. Now is the time to understand the truths that have been staring us in the face for a long time.
Any spiritual belief, religious belief, or belief that acts in love, is worth cultivating. Any belief, spiritual or religious, that acts out of hate needs to be repressed by love. Love is the answer, now what is the question? True love will conquer all this is.
Where love is present, disease cannot be. This does not mean that good people will not get diseases, they may, but that might be part of their lesson, their understanding of the cycles of nature. Please understand that even the most beautiful rose will come, grow, display its beauty, and put its prayer out into the Universe in the form of its smell. When that prayer is over, it will return to its Creator, one petal at a time falling back to the earth that gave it life, recycling itself for the next generation, for that generation to understand that without past generations it could not be.
Each and every one of us really needs to understand that every being that has ever walked this planet is part of who you are. The history of all past events is here now asking us, do we want things to remain the same, or do we want things to change?
How many of us are sitting here just waiting for this to be all over so we can get back to business, or get back to normal?  Well, there is no business and no normal going forward, accept the business of humanity, the business of awakening to higher truths, utilizing the teachings of spiritual masters who have walked this planet in the effort to awaken us.
A lot of those masters ended up sacrificing their own life in order to awaken us. They did this willingly to give humanity an opportunity to see how fear kills, whilst love expands. Now is the time for the expansion of love, “service to man is service to God”.
Many teachers, many masters have been telling us for a long, long time that we are more powerful than we think. If we check our ego when we say this, it is a good sign that we’re in integrity. Making this statement can also be confidence in this teaching, confidence in a truth that will sustain life in all its goodness.
All we have to do now, are the simple tasks like remembering how to breathe – in and out consciously, holding the breath at the top of the inhale, in that cosmic silence where God in all its forms has an opportunity to reply to your prayer, the opportunity to give you a direction that will be helpful for all of humanity. Mother Nature is awaiting your answer. Mother Nature can act very quickly if we stop burning down our forests and if we stop destroying our environment with pollution. Mother Nature can give us the very herb, the very essence of medicine that will prevent many deaths from this messenger called corona virus.
So, your fate, your future, your spiritual being is in your own hands. No longer look at others to guide you. Look at the teachings and allow teachers to pass on their wisdom but do not become disempowered to the teacher – give thanks and gratitude for their ability to bring the teachings forward.
All the Gods in all the worlds are sitting, waiting, watching humanity with its future in its own hands. Keep this story in mind, it might sound silly, but within it is a very powerful, powerful piece of truth.
A man once was unable to pray to God because he didn’t know the words. He was taught the prayers but he just couldn’t remember the words. The reason for this is because those words did not resonate with him. So finding his own power one day, he stood in front of the congregation and said his most powerful prayer, “A B C D E F G he went up to Z. As everybody looked and laughed at him, the man glowed with Spirit. With a smile, he looked down and said to the congregation, “You laugh at me because your poetry has no energy, it’s just empty words. I have just heard from God Himself/Herself/Itself, that a prayer said with absolute love will reach their ears, as when you say the alphabet with absolute faith and love, God is very capable of rearranging those letters into any words that God wants to hear.”
So let us all now say our own version of the alphabet, in our own words with real energy and faith. Fully and completely understand that now is our greatest moment. Now is our greatest challenge to stop being lazy and allowing others to tell us what to do. It is time to be guided by those who know what to do.
Please understand that fear and worry gives the coronavirus the energy to spread. Stop worrying so you don’t keep repressing your immune system. You need positivity to help eliminate it. Keep your consciousness focused on love and service. This will help send this messenger back to love, with its message delivered. Live healthier lives, have healthier thoughts, and treat others as you would like to be treated.
Be in love. Be in Light. Power to you all.
Channeled by Derek O’Neill March 28, 2020

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