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                Active Worm Hole

HERE’S MORE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS FROM  Shelly LealJan Finley, Christine ClemmerSonreyaand Vivian Small!

The worm hole is fully activated, and the Black Moon is back to her familiar frenzied dance. She is going to make many aspects during the week ahead, including four today and five tomorrow. That’s a whole lot of activity for an archetype that’s been mostly dormant for the past couple of weeks. The Black Moon stood aside and allowed the worm hole to activate fully, straddled by those two very quiet days. But she is back with a vengeance today, and that indicates unusual activity as it relates to the pandemic and all that is going on. One thing is for sure…We are utterly and completely in the dark when it comes to knowing what’s going on. But now that the Black Moon has come out of hiding, we should prepare for an onslaught of unveilings that deliver the Truth as we haven’t seen it before…maybe ever.
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