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You may or may not remember that the Sun formed an important stepping stone with Mars last Saturday, June 6. Like so many other significant planetary events these days, this stepping is/was a part of a larger process. Today the Sun forms a stepping stone with Neptune, and together these two aspects are giving important life to Friday's Mars Neptune new cycle.  As I said back in March, during my Spring Equinox webinar, there is no way to separate out any season from another this year, and the same goes for the important aspects that are taking place. Everything that happens this year is being reflected in the cosmos (as always), but everything is everything now... it's all part of everything else and nothing stands alone. It may be that this has ALWAYS been true, but we have never been able to realize it the way we are doing now.

The Sun Mars stepping stone last Saturday certainly reflects the global protests and rallies that are finally responding to the issue around Black lives. The stepping stone has undoubtedly been instrumental in keeping that fiery response going. The Sun gives life and Mars is about RIGHT ACTION, in the 5D sense. When we take Mars out of the old 3D paradigm, we can see very clearly that the issue at hand is not about fighting, it's about bringing conscious awareness to the right action that is so needed at this time.
Today's Sun Neptune stepping stone should ultimately bring clarity to the truth stated above. Sometimes when you turn on your brights in the fog it can make it harder to see, but that is a temporary situation. The one thing that clears fog better and more efficiently than anything else is sunshine. Yes there's the need to act with conscious awareness, that's what a 5D stepping stone is for.
Because of the state of complete polarization on the planet at this time, it is not possible to say which way things will go at first, when the Mars Neptune new cycle occurs. With a 5D perspective, (attained by stepping up onto any observer's perch), we all know it will end well. It will all happen for the highest good of all, no matter which way the collective consciousness sends the energies.
I would be remiss if I left out the all important Venus Chiron resource that also occurs today. Remember that we are in a worm hole that is by definition generating a new Mind/Heart alignment. Venus is retrograde. This is her second resource with Chiron and this is her retrograde connection. The heart has been through a lot this past week, and this is a major wholing moment. We may not fully realize just HOW wholing it is right now, but we will, just as soon as Venus comes back to produce a final resource with Chiron on July 10.
These larger processes the planets are producing are the result of the retrogrades that are beginning to dominate our heavens. We went for many months without any retrograde at all, and that brake-less journey delivered us to this very strange, completely unprecedented place. Now we get to process it all, through the retrogrades... So welcome them and let the Truths be revealed.


“There is new life in the soil for every man. There is healing in the trees for tired minds and for our overburdened spirits, there is strength in the hills, if only we will lift up our eyes. Remember that nature is your great restorer.”
~Calvin Coolidge