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Registration is now open for my 2020 Live Summer Solstice Webinar, “What on Earth is Happening Here?” The event will take place on the day of the solar eclipse, Sunday, June 21 at 2pm EDT, and we will explore all there is to know about the wild unprecedented events that are producing the very unusual year we are having. CLICK HERE for details and to register. PLUS MEMBERS CLICK HERE (Exchange: $33) You don’t have to be on the live call, your registration will secure your copy of the MP4. 

You may now register for my upcoming brand new Cosmic Consciousness ZOOM virtual classroom, which will begin with a 6 part series on How to Read a 5D Chart. Classes will be 90 minutes, weekly or in some cases every other week, on Saturday afternoons at 1pm EDT, beginning in Mid-July. Please email me at to be placed on the class list. Due to the interactive nature of the subject matter, classes will be kept small.  (Exchange: $75/ per class or $400 for the entire course, prepaid). CLICK HERE to Register.

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This is a majorly changing day, that’s for sure. Mercury turns retrograde and MakeMake turns direct. The Black Moon communes with Chiron for the 16th time. And we are just a couple of days out from the solar eclipse that defines the entire two month long worm hole we are moving through. I have already experienced the gear shift. Trust me, whatever you’ve been doing, whatever direction you’ve been headed in, the gears, and your direction, are about to change. Let the change come. Don’t fight it, don’t struggle. There are good, no EXCELLENT reasons for whatever happens now. If you refuse to let your feelings bog you down, you will see it all very clearly in no time.
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