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      LION'S GATE Approaching

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That Power Cross is dominant and boy is it palpable. that kind of stepping stone/Light Bridge energy just steps everything up. If we remain centered and still, focused on the Self, it is far easier to bear. But the pressure builds, and we must continually find ways to let off that steam. Here is another day filled with many aspects. These are not all of them. These very busy days make for a lot of activity, but it's often the kind we can sense but not actually be able to discern very clearly. It's best to let it be, let it go, let it show itself in due time.

There's an interesting stepping stone today, between the Sun and Uranus/Albion, coming into a new cycle. Uranus is a a lightning bolt and Albion is a thunderclap. The Sun giving this event life should be interesting. Uranus is preparing to go retrograde on August 15 at 10 Taurus 41.  Albion moves more slowly than Uranus, and will be sitting at 10 Taurus 54 this entire time. That qualifies as a near miss only, but it's SO close, 12 minutes, a fifth of a degree, that the new cycle is being felt by all. Wouldn't you agree? And we're likely to experience this thunderclap/lightning bolt most profoundly on the Uranus station August 15, so stand by. Of course, where Uranus is concerned there is no way to know what the event will be. Remaining open for anything is the key.
Also today the Black Moon brings Saturn, Ixion and the Earth Star (karmic) node together by forming stepping stones with Saturn and manifesting with the other two. Saturn is busily finishing up his all important journey through his home sign, something he won't do again for thirty years. We really have to get this right.
What's very fascinating is that in just another couple of days (on the 5th of August) the Earth Star and Ixion will come together for the final time this summer right on top of the Galactic Center.  The recent worm hole featured this powerful pairing, which has brought the karmic circumstances of life on earth, probably for the entire most recent age, to bear. We are dealing with it now.
And we have another full year and then some of the earth Star's continued journey through Sagittarius. When it gets to 25 Sagittarius, (August 30) the Earth Star will take nearly an entire year (until August  9, 2021) to travel through Ophiuchus. That is, between 25 Sagittarius and 8 Sagittarius, as the Earth Star moves backwards through the zodiac.
In Cosmic Consciousness Sagittarius represents the karmic clearing house, and those dates make a lot of sense out of what has to happen next. For our part, we need to hold the space of Light and Love... Unity and heart centered stillness while the world plows its way through the 4th dimension into the 5th. It's why we're here.


“With mindfulness, loving-kindness, and self-compassion, we can begin to let go of our expectations about how life and those we love should be.”
~Sharon Salzberg