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Please join me for a most momentous Astrochat, “OPHIUCHUS the 13th sign and the new Cosmic Consciousness.” Saturday, August 15. 1-4pm EDT. Everything has changed. Come and help me fine tune the new Cosmos… Exchange: $75      CLICK HERE to Register.

HERE’S MORE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS FROM  Shelly LealJan Finley, Christine ClemmerSonreyaand Vivian Small!

Finally, a slightly quieter day, at least compared to the last week or so. These are THE four planetary events of the day… Two of them involve Mercury, and each of those involves a 5D planet. That’s a lot of superconscious awareness streaming in now. Be open to it. Let it come. The fourth aspect today involves the sun and the Great Attractor. The Great Attractor sits right smack in the middle of Ophiuchus! Sometimes the Truth is so powerful because it has been hiding in plain sight all along.
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