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What to say about the very first moments of a year that will bring all that we’ve known for so long to an end? It’s exciting, despite being overly exposed to a backdrop that is still fraught with fear based threats of w*r and violence. When there is peace in your heart, you are hard pressed to recognize those less love oriented energies in the world. That is the way to peace on earth. And since we can recognize this Truth, it is up to us to bring it to the planet. Not to teach it, but to BE it. We teach what we are, not what we preach.


1 1 16 Mercury Enters Aquarius


We stand at the start of a ‘9’ year, in the 1:1 Star Gate that graces the first day of every new Bringing year. Today we receive the downloads of keys and codes for the new year ahead. We won’t recognize them immediately, that’s what new is all about. It’s really in our best interest to leave our need to understand in the portal we have just passed through to get to this new beginning. If you truly want to have a different kind of year, you will have to leave your past behind you.


Bringing anything from the past with you into a new space is to recreate what has been before. We have learned how to do this already. Today, in this still point between what has been and what will be, we have carte blanche to manifest everything our hearts desire. The trick about that is to TRUST in our higher Selves to do the manifesting, and to remember at all times that the lower mind has no clue what it wants. Trust in the heart, and let IT do the walking.


We are in the middle of a week when all the lower body rulers, Venus Mercury and Mars are changing signs. That in itself indicates the inner changes that are taking place. The archetypal energies of our personalities are already engaged in the shift. All we really have to do is let it all BE.


Mercury moves into Aquarius tonight. He will be here, in the sign of his exaltation (read: one of his favorite places to be), for only about a week. He stations to go retrograde early on the 5th and reenters Capricorn on the 8th, where he will spend his entire retrograde journey. He is in his storm period right now as well, which means storms related to air, to wind, to connecting with others, to speaking what’s on your mind, are highly likely. This is another reason why a peaceful heart is essential right now.


Mercury loves Aquarius because Aquarius is a very intuitive and intelligent sign. It has a bigger picture perspective, with a heartfelt penchant for the crowd and the underdog. Mercury does a lot of good when he is focused through this sign. But the storms, literal and figurative, will blow all week, and they bear observation and the willingness to bring unruly thoughts and words back to the heart for reprocessing. This is the great opportunity this week… to bring misaligned words and thoughts, especially toward your Self, back to the heart to choose Love again.


Uranus will begin moving forward tomorrow, making this the last day for his more electromagnetic storms. We are in the Eris station now too, and Eris will go direct on January 12. Eris brings her own kind of electromagnetic storms, and they are more like volcanoes or earthquakes. I am not predicting these things, but I will say that if we don’t go forth with peace in our hearts we will tend to find these upheavals taking place ‘out there’ in the world.


It is possible to have a very disrupted emotional day and still keep peace in your heart. This is the new mastery, the kind of discipline so many of us have worked hard to achieve. This is where it comes in handy.


This first day of a ‘9’ year is truly our first experience of the new World we are manifesting. It’s a work in progress. Faith in Faith, Trust in Trust, Peace in your heart and Love on your mind. That is how we go forth, delivering the gospel to the planet. BE these things, and your Light will shine so brightly you won’t have to say a word.


May 2016 bring you everything your heart desires that you haven’t had the courage to allow your Self yet. It’s the year of enlightenment for many, and ascension for many more. It’s truly the year we came for, and we are so lucky to be here to witness this birthing of the Mother into her ascended state.


“All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you can learn to relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the universe present you with all that you have asked for.”

– Esther Hicks