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We are in the dark of the Moon all day today, and this is the time of every month when the new beginning is upon us, but has not yet begun to show us what the chapter ahead contains. The seed of potential lies just underneath the fertile soil, preparing to take root and eventually sprout. There is SO MUCH potential in absolutely everything, everywhere.


1 9 16 Capricorn New Moon


The New Moon occurs tonight at 830pm EST, at the 20th degree of Capricorn (19 Capricorn 03 to be exact). The soil this new Moon seed is planted in is fertile indeed, carrying the energies of Pluto and Mercury, along with the asteroid Pallas Athena, representing the wisdom that guides us when we get out of our own way.


Both the Sun and Moon came together with Pluto just prior to this lunation, and Mercury began his entire retrograde journey when he came together with Pluto on December 19 and entered his retrograde shadow. (The retrograde shadow represents all the degrees that Mercury will retrograde back over before he goes direct again on January 25th). Mercury is making his way back to Pluto two more times, once just before he goes direct (January 22) and once shortly afterward (January 30).


These three Mercury Pluto connections constitute a whole new cycle for us regarding our capacity to think and connect from a heartfelt place, radiating Love instead of fear, for the first time in who really remembers how long? Mercury will connect with the Moon and then the Sun (1/14) before he reconnects with Pluto, and all of this activity in the Pluto portion of each of our energy fields is delivering us to a new kind of inner authority, and a revitalized connection with Source.


It’s also very important to note that the New Moon today (and Pluto and Mercury) are all disposed by Saturn at this time (Saturn gives Capricorn its disposition), and Saturn is currently involve in a super conjunction, or a multidimensional new cycle with Venus, which began yesterday and finishes up today at 10:14am EST when these two archetypes come together on the ecliptic, the higher plane, formerly known as a parallel.


Venus Saturn go together in disposing these new cycles, both the lunar, and the Mercury Pluto, that dominate the cosmos this month. There are many interesting ideas about Venus Saturn, I offer one in the quote today, written by Shelly Leal in her own column, which you can access by clicking on the link above the blog today. Another idea came from Lauri Lumby:


“I intuitively feel as if there is a Venus/Saturn, Mary Magdalene/Christ connection.  Not sure what that means, but it feels significant.  Perhaps this is strictly personal as the Magdalene has been imminently present for me of late and is intimately connected with my own sense of self-worth, personal power, etc.  So…..whether just for me or for everyone….there you have it.”


One thing is very clear.. there is a new reality manifesting around the Divine Director energy within each of us. Our individual and collective connection to Source is being profoundly transmuted, and we are feeling it as never before. Today’s New Moon connects with almost every planet in our Soular system, including Eris, Uranus, Chiron, Sedna, Jupiter and the Moon’s Nodes. We can all feel something very big in the ethers, just about to emerge.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s New Moon, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks. Please check out the Lunar Cosnciousness article from Nicholas West and of course the New Moon article from Emily Samet.


Capricorn 20:   Many different perfumes carried by a breeze.

 “Being tuned in. Picking up on each and every cue. Sensing all of them in their complex interrelations. Devoted to the art of developing a consciousness that is sufficiently discerning to track closely with each part and all together, in the multiple windings of how everything fits together around here.

                Paying careful attention. Trained to observe, to be precise, to be effective. Thoroughly and intensively initiated in special tasks and objectives. Working from behind the scenes. Discreet. Very hard to read.

                Granted an extraordinary aptitude for learning, for evolving, for taking things to the next point. Yet also so very aware of contributing factors, of past dynamics, of karmic forces and influences.

                Placed within an objective situation where you must keep your own council, you must stay tuned to any and every facet you come upon and you are forever being groomed to take on a far greater responsibility, if you can fulfill this phase successfully.

                On the horizon lies another world. In that one, these abilities metamorphose into real life wisdom. And then a central role in the whole framework can be taken on. Only this will satisfy.

                Yet it is so necessary to hold within the existing state of things and to sense what is here now and not to be grasping for infinities later. There is unfinished business upon this frequency. It goes way back. Can power be wielded in a fashion that is free of one’s own memory pictures and doubts and fears? Can consciousness be brilliantly complex and ingenious without getting caught in its own caricatures? And can the inward essence be extracted time and again, without getting delayed endlessly by the fascinating phenomena and how they impress us endlessly?”


“It is no coincidence that Saturn, Capricorn’s dispositer, and Venus have begun in a new cycle now also, adding Love to our inner authority, reminding us that Love is what we came here for, and we are authorized, if you will, to love our Selves unconditionally with Loving thoughts and words to ourselves, to change negativity (our own or others’) into something positive.”

Shelly Leal


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