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Here we are smack inside the Eris station. There is a lot of intense “blowout” energy around, and of course, what is ‘out there’ is exactly what is within us. If you see it outside of you, you have not yet taken response ability for the discontentment and anger you feel. Don’t be afraid of anger, it is one of the most creative forces in the universe… but only when you hold it lovingly, without fighting it, judging it, or resisting it. Let it be, and it will take you to places you’ve never dreamed of. Such is the essence of Eris.


1 12 16 Venus Uranus Manifestation

1 12 16 Eris turns Direct








As I’ve said a lot in the past weeks, this Eris station is unlike any other, because this time Eris makes her way to a long awaited communion with the Male Awakener, Uranus. (To be accurate, Uranus is now making his way to her, as he moves much more swiftly)… Eris has been stationing for a good week now and will remain in this station, storming, until January 21. She forms a perfect bridge with Haumea, representing our new consciousness of wholeness and unity.


Eris may be angry and frustrated, but she has her sites set on Haumea, which means there is nothing to worry about, and everything to look forward to. Eris is discontented with the separation consciousness that this planet has been buried in for so long. It is time to wake up and unify – within our Selves, and ultimately with one another.


Today also features a Venus Uranus Manifestation, which makes me think of the paddles the doctor uses to resuscitate the heart. We may all feel our Selves coming back to life in many new ways today. Between now and Thursday, when Mercury comes together with the Sun, there is plenty of understanding and realization to be had by all.


This Eris station is also forming a Great Eliminator with Jupiter and the Soul Star Chakra, aka the Moon’s North Node. This is another very promising connection. My one time mentor, Michael Lutin, always used to say ‘there are no bad Jupiter aspects’. I couldn’t agree more. When there is a stress or resistance around Jupiter, the Great Benefic will always rise to the occasion.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Eris station, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks. (This is off the hook):


Aries 23:   A bottle labeled “Drink Me”.


The capacity to change. The endlessly plastic protoplasmic willingness to take on any size or definition for the time, for as long as it serves. The roles are in constant motion, and soon what seemed to be this way will become a whole other way, with precious little memory of what came before.

When this gets speeded up, it can become a frenzy of instant shifts and quick changes. When it slows down and deepens, it can arise into life wisdom and the most astounding skills and gifts. An inward rudder is required to guide the deepening process, and sometimes getting to the point of respecting and acknowledging the presence of the inward rudder is half the battle.

                Circulating between failure and success, chaos and sturdiness, shadow and light. Being conversant with every side and dreaming into every facet. Learning through experience, the hard way, what pans out and what is just a passing fancy.

                Developing eventually the ability to wait, to reflect, to be unattached. This makes a world of difference. Then getting swallowed up in a given passage is no longer a blind ally. There is space and breath, freedom to move and freedom to not move yet.

                Just to be able to hold the edge, to keep a taut line of attention and responsiveness is really what it’s all about. By observing, witnessing, appreciating what is coming through, we gain the leverage we badly need. As soon as the compulsiveness quotient gives way to the destiny aliveness quotient, we switch from bondage to liberation.

                The free version looks and feels and is as good as bright, for along the way we just get a little smarter and more surrendered and we let everybody do it through us.”


“Whenever in doubt claim it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly — and your power will be restored. Responsibility is power.”

Like Reverse-Kryptonite, 
    The Universe  (Mike Dooley)


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